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Just like how, the face is the index of the mind, a website is the index of a company.

A website is a web page which can be accessed by the public to get to know about something online, for a detailed purpose. This online visiting card holds a lot of information- from contact number to what the company or firm manufacturers and how to get them. Creating a website is an art and maintaining it needs dedication. Through a website, one can come to know about the contact details, updates, products produced or to be produced, discounts and offers, provision to read and give reviews or comments.

Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO

CRO is the rate that determines how many website viewers have become customers (that is action like filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter and others) after seeing the website. The process of calculating CRO helps in increasing viewers and conversions. This can be calculated by dividing your number of conversions by your number of visitors and multiplying that number by 100 to get the percentage. The revenue from each customer can be increased by optimising the CRO. Having a 10% CRO is itself a great progress.

Google Analytics

Google analytics can evaluate a website and rate its effectiveness. Though this data is very useful, it is better to have the unwanted information removed. This aspect can be helped by Google. There are a lot of pages that provide website consultancy on the same issues. A value has to be set for each activity and that stands as a base to calculate the rate of conversion. For example, it is better to have someone subscribed to the newsletter rather than having them just watched a video.

Search Engine Ranking

Assessing rank is important as it helps to know where the position of the page is. Using keywords, writing blogs, adding products, including location, are some of the features that help in increasing the ranking of the website. Using the above SEO tactics and providing high quality content will improve the ranking of the page.

Engagement of Visitors

Email addresses could be replaced with a contact form if the subscription list is too long. While mailing, open rate can be calculated. Open rate is nothing but the rate of mails opened compared to the mails sent. Optimising subject lines and delivering on time make the website more reliable. Social media can also be used to promote the page. Posting less but with qualitative content, using hashtags, diversifying the contents, running getaways, are some of the activities that would help in promoting the website as well as social media accounts.


These websites are accessible 24/7/365 and can be accessed as many times as needed as it is solely online. There are a lot of platforms which can help one create websites in a creative and unique way. Wixsite, WordPress are some of the platforms which help create websites. Websites can be totally customized using diverse themes, backgrounds and styles to which suitable font and color can be added. Based on requirements quotes, text, images and videos can be included to make the website look more interesting and appealing.

The Creation of a website

Images are a wonderful medium in both grasping attention and covering key points. Images also make the website look beautiful and the probability of the viewer missing out details is comparatively lesser. Using conventional symbols or options in the page makes it comfortable for the viewers to proceed to the next process. For example, below product options like "Add to cart", "Avail offer", "Ratings" make the page user-friendly.


“Trust is built with consistency.” - Lincoln Chafee

Being consistent in posting and uploading details, at specific times, does not keep the viewers waiting. The content of the website has to be sequentially organised for the utmost benefit of visitors.


The website should be responsive i.e., it should adjust itself to all kinds of devices. Without this feature, all efforts put into creating it would go in vain. According to Statista, in 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic, across the globe, came from mobile phones; up from 50.3% the year before. Also, a website should load easily on every device. Websites should have easy-to-remember and pertinent names, so that search engines can remember them easily.

Hitting the target

The success of a page depends upon its usability and functionality. While creating a website, priority should be given to information, visitors are likely to look for in the first place. Then comes the creativity aspect, which just makes it more pleasant and colorful, more like a visual treat. However, overcrowding a website with unnecessary images and videos will only increase its loading time. This means, your visitors have to wait longer to see your website; making a few of them leave and leaving almost every visitor dissatisfied.

As it is comparatively harder to grasp attention, most essential information should come at the very top. At the same time, having offers and deals at the top might not be friendly. It is better to have some greeting or introduction at first and then move on to the essential details and then the key products.

Benefits of a website

Some benefits include: Websites are available anytime, anywhere; information can be given out without any additional cost or payment; looks credible and reliable; is a provision to expand target customers or audiences; makes advertising easier, gives insights from consumers, provides more opportunities for growth and faster, online customer service. Links to the website can be shared even through any social media.

Overall, websites have a number of benefits which make customers happy at the end of the day and also promote the company.
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