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Plastic lid technology is developing rapidly with the plastic bottles are widely used in many fields, the cap also increasingly reflect its importance

"We have recognized that the closure is a very important, but has not been fully utilized marketing tool," Thomas said, "when your package is only a very plain white cover, you can only rely on the label, and hope you can highlight your product on the shelf. "capping must be a perfect match with the style of the product. This principle, Crown closure (USA) recently made some innovations. The company to market a matt coating and having a metallic luster as the viewing angle changes, also changes the color of the paint. Both coatings are suitable for filling process in the pasteurization process. Meanwhile, the company also introduced to the market in a metal cover for the inside of print promotions special ink. It is an effective tool for product differentiation, we can not show to provide consumers with information on the shelf, to encourage consumers to buy products. Juices and jams packaging manufacturers Agros Nova is the first company using this technology, they print some cultural information in the juice inside of the screw cap, as part of a branding strategy. Target's Archer Farm cereal in terms of innovation is the use of Sonoco's Linearpak Canister cover. It is not easy to abandon the traditional preservation cardboard cereal boxes, using a hinged connection of removable cover, so stay fresh cereal, other companies have followed suit. New decorative cover not only prominent, but also focus on functionality, can add value to the product. Sidel's Edition PET beer packaging closure creative features, this unique bottle shape can be reversed. The bottle was placed on the cover, it has become a elegant goblet. Together, these latest designs tell people that the closure is an important product packaging site, consumers can begin to understand the package from here. "While the closure is often overlooked, but the food and beverage closure is the most important part of the consumer and packaging communication. Closure can really influence consumers impression of the brand." Crown closure (USA) company's market Sheila Heath, director of marketing said.
Plastic lid technology is developing rapidly with the plastic bottles are widely used in many fields, the cap also increasingly reflect its importance, both in the beverage, dairy, or cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or also in other industries, Bottles cover an increasingly prominent role. Plastic bottle caps as a link for the product to ensure product quality is essential to shape and personality, caps main function of two things: First seal, the contents of the protective effect, which is the most caps basic functions, but also the manufacturer of the most easy to do; the second is aesthetics, as an integral part of the package, small caps can play a finishing touch.
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