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OSRS Trailblazer League has been released with various tasks. Here is our OSRS Trailblazer tasks guide for general tasks (medium).

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General OSRS Trailblazer tasks (Medium)

1. Achieve Your First Level 30
2. Achieve Your First Level 40
3. Achieve Your First Level 50
4. Reach Total Level 750
5. Reach Total Level 1000
6. Reach Total Level 1250
7. Reach Base Level 30
8. Reach Base Level 40
9. Reach Base Level 50
10. Pickpocket a Guard
11. Obtain 800 Coins From Coin Pouches At Once
12. Pickpocket a Ranarr Seed
Pickpocket a Ranarr Seed from a Master Farmer.
13. Harvest an Irit Leaf
Harvest an Irit Leaf from the Herb Patch.
14. Fill a Bucket With Supercompost
Fill a Bucket with Supercompost from a Compost Bin.
15. Check a grown Fruit Tree
16. Chop 100 Willow Logs
17. Chop Some Logs With a Rune Axe
Chop any kind of logs by using a Rune Axe OSRS.
18. Build a Waka Canoe
19. Ferment 100 Jugs of Wine
20. Cook 100 Lobsters
Cook 100 Raw Lobsters. The Raw Lobsters can be caught with a lobster pot OSRS.
21. Make a Pineapple Pizza
22. Mine 50 Iron Ore
23. Mine some Ore With a Rune Pickaxe
Mine any ore by using a Rune Pickaxe OSRS.
24. Obtain a Clue Geode While Mining
25. Fletch a Willow Shortbow
26. Create a Mithril Grapple
27. Fletch some Broad Arrows or Broad Bolts
28. Unlock Bigger and Badder
Buy the Bigger and Badder unlock from the Slayer Rewards Shop.
29. Slay 250 Creatures
30. Defeat a Superior Slayer Creature
31. Craft 100 Unpowered Orbs
32. Craft an Emerald Ring
33. Craft a Ruby Amulet
34. Catch 100 Lobsters
Catch 100 Raw Lobsters whilst fishing. The Raw Lobsters can be caught with a lobster pot OSRS.
35. Catch 50 Swordfish
36. Catch 50 Salmon
37. Smith a Steel Platebody
Smith a Steel Platebody by using an Anvil.
38. Smelt a Steel Bar
39. Build a Mahogany Portal
40. Build an Oak Larder
41. Fill a Medium S.T.A.S.H. Unit
42. Craft 200 Essence Into Runes
Craft 200 essence into runes of any type by using Runecrafting Altars.
43. Craft 4 Runes With 1 Essence
Use a Runecrafting Altar to craft 4 runes using a single essence.
44. Craft Any Combination Rune
45. Burn 100 Willow Logs
46. Equip a Harpie Bug Lantern
47. Light a Bullseye Lantern
48. Equip full Graahk, Larupia or Kyatt
49. Catch a Swamp Lizard or Salamander
50. Catch a Butterfly
51. Complete 50 Laps of a Rooftop Agility Course
52. Make 30 Prayer Potions
53. Clean a Grimy Avantoe
54. Make a Potion With an Amulet of Chemistry
55. Reach Combat Level 50
56. Reach Combat Level 75
57. Perform a Special Attack
58. Equip an Adamant Weapon
59. Equip a Rune Weapon
60. Equip a Full Adamant Set
Equip the Adamant Platebody, the Adamant Full Helm and either Adamant Platelegs or the Adamant Plateskirt.
61. Equip a Full Rune Set
Equip the Rune Platebody, the Rune Full Helm and either Rune Platelegs or the Rune Plateskirt.
62. Equip a Full Green Dragonhide Set
63. Equip a Full Blue Dragonhide Set
64. Equip a Full Red Dragonhide Set
65. Equip a Yew Shortbow
66. Equip an Elemental Battlestaff or Mystic Staff
67. Cast a Blast Spell
68. Teleport Using Law Runes
69. Cast High Level Alchemy
70. Equip a Piece of a Mystic Robe Set
71. Use the Protect from Melee Prayer
72. Bury Some Wyvern or Dragon Bones
73. Reach a Prayer Bonus of 15
74. Defeat a Lesser Demon
75. Defeat an Adult Chromatic Dragon
Defeat either an adult Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, or Black Dragon.
76. Complete a Medium Clue Scroll
77. Complete a Hard Clue Scroll
78. Gain a Unique Item From a Medium Clue
79. Gain a Unique Item From a Hard Clue
80. Gain 10 Unique Items From Beginner Clues
81. Gain 10 Unique Items From Easy Clues
82. Gain 10 Unique Items From Medium Clues
83. Gain 5 Unique Items From Hard Clues
84. Fill 5 Beginner Clue Collection Log Slots
85. Fill 5 Easy Clue Collection Log Slots
86. Fill 5 Medium Clue Collection Log Slots
87. Fill 3 Hard Clue Collection Log Slots
88. Fill 3 Elite Clue Collection Log Slots
89. Equip a Trimmed Amulet
90. Complete the Medium Western Provinces Diary
Complete all medium tasks in the Western Provinces Achievement Diary.

Hope our guide can help you complete OSRS Trailblazer tasks.

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