Falling is a Skill too!

Posted February 25, 2021 by rollerskateusa

Most roller-skating beginners want to know how to get started. Do you know another thing that will give you great confidence is knowing how to fall?

Most roller-skating beginners want to know how to get started. Do you know another thing that will give you great confidence in knowing how to fall?

Yes, you read it right. If your body knows how to react when you lose balance or fall, you will definitely feel more confident. However, remember that you should skate only if you feel safe and confident. Don't push yourself until you are exhausted!
Wear the right protective gear

If you are just starting your roller skate journey, wearing the right protective gear is a must. It is important to protect your body. You don’t want a roller-skating accident that could have been prevented, do you?

You can get protective pad sets in a variety of sizes, body shapes, and budgets.
Practice bending your knees

Bend your knees. Touch your knees just above your knee pads by feeling where they are, rather than looking down. Look where you are going (not down).
Lower your weight while skating

As you move, leave one foot out behind you to lower your weight down and have more control. This may scuff your skates but it will improve your skill.

As you practice lowering your weight, keep your chest and shoulders high and lookup.

Keep your hands off the floor but initially, if you do hit the floor with your hands, your wrist guards should protect you. Falling with straight wrists rather than hands out can prevent breaking the wrist.
Practice getting up again

Getting up again without touching the floor with your hands can improve leg strength which will help to save you before touching the ground. But remember it can take time to build that muscle.
Fall BIG

In roller derby, you practice falling small – taking up the smallest space so that you don’t trip someone else and injure yourself and them. However, if you are not wearing protective pads, you need to spread out the momentum and fall big. It may look silly but will protect your body better. Falling small can impact the small parts of the body, and is likely to hurt your bones.

Don’t worry about how looking silly it looks. In roller skating, falling is not a bad thing. In fact, practicing falling will help you feel more confident, which means you are less likely to fall in the future.
For experienced skaters who skate indoors, try a slide fall or baseball slide where your legs make a number 4. But remember to keep your head off the floor, wear a helmet, and do not sit on your wheels.

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