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The generic name for anadrol is Oxymetholone. It is an androgen and dihydrotestosterone based steroid. The Level III controlled substance is administered orally and licensed for sale around the world. As a drug, it is categorized as an anabolic steroid. The use of anadrol leads to increased appetite and weight gain. The drug also increases hemoglobin levels in the user’s blood, the increase in hemoglobin is as a result of heightened erythropoietin production. Erythropoietin is the chemical responsible for production of red blood cells.
With these effects anadrol leads to increased strength and it may be used illegally by crooked athletes. The ordinary medical use is for treatment of certain categories of anemia. Muscle wasting may also lead to anadrol prescription. A physician may prescribe the drug for other uses as they may judge the patient to need.
Anadrol should be taken orally. Whether it should be taken with or without food is entirely dependent upon the patient. A patient who takes it without food and suffers from stomach irritation should avoid taking it on an empty stomach. It should always be taken at the recommended intervals.
Should the patient fail to take the dose at the appropriate time, they should take it as soon as possible if too much time has not passed since they were supposed to take it. If, on the other hand, the time when they have an opportunity to take the dose is too near the time for their next dose, the patient should skip the previous dose and it the one whose time has come. Two doses must never be taken at the same time.
Anadrol is an alkylated anabolic steroid. It therefore possesses the ability to cause chemical damage to the liver. Due to this, long term use of the drug is not recommended. A patient should take the drug for between four and six weeks. It is usually not necessary to take anadrol for more than six weeks.
At six weeks, the patient will have gained the maximum benefit from the drug and an extension may be counterproductive.
Normally the maximum amount of anadrol a person should take per day is 50mg per day. In many instances, the drug is packaged in tablets of 50mg. This limits options although at times less then 50mg per day would be enough. This means that in many instances, patients who needs only 25 mg per day have to split the tablet to get the correct dosage. A lower dosage then 50 mg is recommended due to anadrol’s possible hepatotoxicity.
Owing to Anadrol’s composition and its possible side effects, patients should not take it if they pregnant or they are likely to get pregnant in the course of taking the drug. It should also not be used by patients suffering from serious kidney and liver conditions such as nephrosis Hepatitis B respectively. Taking it when suffering from such conditions may aggravate it further.
Before taking Anadrol, a patient should inform the prescribing physician about any other medical conditions they may be suffering from or other drugs they may be taking. This is because anadrol may combine with the conditions and drugs to cause harm or aggravate conditions. Some of these conditions and situations include breast feeding. Allergies to drugs, certain types of food or any other thing should also be disclosed. A person suffering from diabetes or high blood calcium should also disclose the problems to their physician and be advised accordingly before they can take anadrol.
The drugs that are most likely to interact with anadrol include insulin, certain anticoagulants and carbamazepine among others. The manner of interaction between these drugs and anadrol is likely to increase the possibility of side effects.
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