Avoid Misconceptions That Can Frustrate Romantic Life

Posted December 3, 2018 by RodneyMAngelo

Is great sex about sexual techniques? Is it about high quality sex toys or luxury vibrators?

These blunders bring about unforgiving havoc on the sex lives of numerous men.

(1) Trying Too Hard To Please Her

Is great sex about sexual techniques? Is it about high quality sex toys (https://www.mysecretluxury.com/) or luxury vibrators?

One of the temptations of acquiring lots of tricks in the bag after reading these publications is to let loose them altogether in one shot. Needless to say you run the danger of trying extremely hard and turning her off instead of turning her on in your effort to get over the fear of not being good enough. You are anxious that she will not have a great moment if you do not pleasure her enough, therefore you feel compelled to unleash every physical technique to compensate for your concern of insufficiency. This will of course get into "over-kill".

Great sex most likely is not like a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, which works best if you stick to the instructions. Learning more about sex can possibly merely add up to your experience of enjoyable sex, but with the lack of any evidence, we are ready to advocate to you that great sex comes about in the way you uniquely put it all together, not in following a step by step guidebook.

(2) Thinking Too Much

Great sex is not something that is logical or rational; it comes about in an unconscious way. The bedroom is not the situation for you to think nor is it the suitable time for you to think about your insecurities, sexual hang-ups and skills. Deal with them ahead of your next carnal encounter and subsequent to your previous one. By no means during the course of action!

Self-conscious and self-talking can distract you from the moment and drag you downhill into a depressing spiral that can render you sexually ineffective. Do not be excessively over-concerned about the every single bits of detail in lovemaking like the correct amount of pressure or the position of your hand, or the direction of your thrusts. When it comes to the actual encounter - stop thinking and pay attention to her and absorb yourself into the moment.

You do not have to map out every move as if sex is a business strategy or battle arrangement that consists of a succession of flawlessly executed drills. When you think too much, you will certainly mess up and sex will become worse. Instead of enjoying, you will be too engaged in figuring out the next best move. Just enjoy the course of action, relax and do not be too harsh on yourself. There is no such idea as sexual perfection. Allow yourself some room for errors and do not make a big deal out of it. This is extremely important.

(3) Believing In Big Tricks Or Thinking That Sex Is Somewhat Special

Great sex is all the time concerning the simple moves. It is a combination and sequence of the simple things, doing it in the right way and at the right moment, that makes the world of great difference. You have to keep this in your mind. There are no big tricks. This is not about big moves or special techniques. The moral of the lesson here is the understanding that it is the small things that matters a lot. Sex is not something that is so special that you have to bring about massive changes to your way, but simply fine-tuning it. It is learning to feel not only with your hands, but with your fingertips. It is to be in-tune not just with her screams, but even to her breathing.

Great sex is uncomplicated but this does not mean it is uninteresting. The path to sexual greatness is not some unknown mythic trick because the most elegant and effective moves have never been kept hush-hush, they have all the time been there.

Our sexuality is related to all areas of our lives; our physical condition, our families, our careers and anything. In this way, sex is not something that is so special, it is day-to-day and all over the place. It follows that if you feel like wanting to change your sex life in a significant way by resorting to a number of big tricks, you will have to change other aspects of your life as well. If you separate sex from the rest of your life, you run the risk of reducing your awareness that can help you grow sexually.
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