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A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf clubs. Each club consists of a rotating shaft with a clasp and a golf head.

A golf club is a club used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf clubs. Each club consists of a rotating shaft with a clasp and a golf head. Woods are mainly used for long-distance fairway or tee shots; irons, the very versatile type, are utilized for many different shots; hybrids that combine design components of irons and woods are getting to be more and more popular; putters are used chiefly on the green to roll the ball into the hole.

A standard set is composed of 14 golf clubs, and even though there are conventional mixtures offered at retail as matched sets, players are free to utilize any combination of 14 or fewer legal clubs.

An essential variant in various clubs is a loft or the angle between the clubface along with the vertical plane. It's a loft that's the principal determinant of this ascending trajectory of the golf ball, with all the tangential angle of the club head's swing arc in effect being a secondary and relatively small consideration.

The impact of the club compresses the ball while grooves on the clubface provide the ball backspin. Collectively, the compression and backspin produce lift. Almost all irons and woods are labeled with a number; higher amounts indicate shorter bottoms and greater lofts, which provide the ball with a shorter and higher trajectory.

The golf club is your main tool in this game. There are several different kinds of golf clubs, every type with a particular function, but all of them have the same overall parts. In the top to the base, you've got the Grip, Shaft, and Head.

Golf Club Parts:

1. Grip

The grip is the part of the golf club which you hold. Now, the vast majority of golf clubs have a rubber grip that may vary from being a company to soft. Other materials used are artificial polymer mixes, strings, and leathers; together with leather grips being the only material used in the prior years of golf.

2. Shaft

Extending in the grip and carrying the head is the shaft. Different golf clubs change in shaft length and the shape of the club head. You might discover that ordinary materials used are either steel or carbon-fiber compound.

Other materials which are now being used are graphite, titanium, and nano fuse that's a crystalline alloy using a carbon composite sublayer. The type of material which makes your shaft may impact the way your swing may feel. These materials relay vibrations and energy otherwise so if you're used to having a club with a steel shaft, you will feel a different type of impact when you use a graphite club.

3. Head

The head is where you may observe the most range between golf clubs. The several kinds of golf clubs are split based on the form of the head. The head might appear to be the smallest part of this golf club, but variants in its design play an essential role in the way the club is best used.

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