Proposal To Kill American Citizens Under Jfk Administration Now But A Distant Memory

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Operation Northwoods is one of several events they highlight in their book as examples of the so-called ‘false flag’ theory.


Papamoa, New Zealand (June 13, 2014) – More than half a century has elapsed since the US Government’s Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed ‘Operation Northwoods’ – a recommendation that acts of terrorism be carried out on American soil to justify military intervention in Cuba.

A reminder of this murky episode in American history is provided in the opening chapter of a new release book co-authored by New Zealand father-and-son writing team Lance and James Morcan. Titled ‘The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy’, the book includes a Foreword by Dr. Taakaki Musha, former Senior Research Scientist at the Technical Research and Development Institute of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, and acclaimed American historian Richard B. Spence, Professor of History, University of Idaho.

The Morcans remind readers the declassification of top secret military records in the late 1990’s revealed that the proposed terrorist acts included the murder of numbers of American citizens.

“Hard to swallow or believe, we know, but Operation Northwoods is on the record,” says Lance Morcan.

“The sinister proposal first came to the public’s attention in November 1997 when The John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board declassified various top secret military records, which included the Northwoods documents. The following year, the National Security Archive published further revealing information on Northwoods.”

It’s common knowledge that numerous military and intelligence documents recording these disturbing false flag proposals have since been declassified.

One ‘Top Secret’ memo dated March 13, 1962, addressed to the Secretary of Defense and signed by then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff makes for interesting reading. Its subject line reads: ‘Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba.’

Item No. 1 on that memo reads: “The Joint Chiefs of Staff have considered the attached Memorandum for the Chief of Operations, Cuba Project, which responds to a request of that office for brief but precise description of pretexts which would provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba.”

Operation Northwoods’ plans included the sinking of US war ships, shooting down hijacked passenger planes, killing innocent American citizens, letting off bombs and orchestrating other violent terrorist acts in major cities including Washington DC and Miami.

Every event would be blamed on Fidel Castro and the Cuban regime. The Joint Chiefs of Staff’s logic was that these events would help gain enough support from the American public and the world at large for a US military invasion of Cuba.

“Fortunately, President Kennedy immediately rejected the Northwoods proposal,” says James Morcan. “He also fired one of its main proponents, Lyman Lemnitzer, who was then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

James says Kennedy was assassinated the following year while Lemnitzer was appointed Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. “Go figure!”

Lance Morcan says he and James are bemused that when the Northwoods documents were finally declassified, they were almost universally ignored by US media.

“Apparently on-the-record discussions within the US Government about murdering its own citizens as propaganda to create a war were not deemed newsworthy.”

Operation Northwoods is one of several events they highlight in their book as examples of the so-called ‘false flag’ theory – the theory that contends that various governments orchestrate terrorist acts or other such events to justify a declaration of war.

Other false flag examples given include the unsuccessful search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam.

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