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Posted May 3, 2013 by RaynaJess

If you’re just starting out to trade on the foreign exchange market, then the process or formula for getting the best foreign exchange rates can seem simple enough

If you’re just starting out to trade on the foreign exchange market, then the process or formula for getting the best foreign exchange rates can seem simple enough—that is, until you make your first mistake. If you’re new at forex trading and you’ve decided to trade independently, rather than opt for a managed account, each mistake you make will be a lesson learned. This article will try to spare you some mistakes, by detailing some good tips on how to find the best exchange rates possible, to help you in your trading activities, with the help of a reputable converter currency website.

Finding the best exchange rates and the best times to trade on your chosen currency pair isn’t easy. If it were, then everyone involved in FX trading would become rich overnight. Instead, aside from a natural flair or talent which some people have, and cannot be replicated, there are many useful tools you can use to help you build an intuitive sense of when the time is right to trade. Until such time, though, you can use the steps detailed below to help you find the best exchange rates and the best converter currency websites.

When looking to find the best exchange rates, you should first check the latest update on currency rates for interbank exchanges. You can find this information directly on a bank’s website, or you can find a reliable converter currency website, which will have this information displayed alongside other useful tools. Then, use your online converter currency calculator, and compare your result with that of the interbank exchange rate. This is your base of reference.

Next, get individual exchange quotations from as many money changers as you want, depending on your time and needs. Be aware that the rates you’re offered will vary greatly, as the interbank rates are usually applied to very large exchanges (millions of dollars even), whereas your exchange will get the retail rate. As the rates are set by the exchange operators, it’s not unusual to find rotten apples in the bunch, or exchange operators adding substantial commissions. The difference between the two rates should be no more than 5-10%, for it to be a successful transaction.

As a rule, it used to be thought best to avoid making hard currency exchange transactions online, unless you’re conducting them with a banking institution. However, more and more reputable institutions are rising up and creating trustworthy brands. Be careful to only choose a reliable and professional financial institution to deal with online. If you’re careful and mind to read the terms and conditions of any website you’re considering dealing with, you should be able to successfully avoid scams and dishonest financial operators, avoid them and have a successful currency exchange track record.

Also, keep a close eye on the evolution of the currency you’re dealing in. With a little experience, patience and a few helpful tools provided by your friendly neighborhood converter currency website, you might come to see foreign currency exchange as a profitable hobby, and shift your attention to more advanced online FX trading.

One of the best tools you use to help you find the best exchange rates possible is a reliable converter currency website—a reliable one will have plenty of additional tools, to help in your search.
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