Brainwave Entrainment to Improve Life

Posted March 26, 2013 by RaynaJess

Nowadays science has evolved so much that it managed to come up with such innovative solutions for most of our problems.

Nowadays science has evolved so much that it managed to come up with such innovative solutions for most of our problems. For example, living under such stress as we do today, has made us become more and more angry, tensed, impatient, sad, and can even cause us neurological problems. And that not only affects us, but also people around us. A relatively new method of generating yourself a better state of mind is the brainwave entrainment. It is thought that binaural beats, a sort of ‘apparent sounds’ is the groundwork of brainwave entrainment, and that it can help diagnose neurological problems.

To make the brainwave entrainment more effective, the sounds need to be induced with a pair of headphones. The brain is so impressive that it is able to transform these sounds into binaural beats, and generate different states of mind, according to the number of Hz that the beat creates. So you may become more aware and alert at 8-13 Hz, you may be able to concentrate better at 12-30 Hz, or you can reach awareness at 25-100 Hz. A 4-7 frequency of the beat favors lingering into hypnosis, and an even less frequency can make you fall deep asleep.

The process of inducing a certain state, which is also called the ‘Neuro Activator’ is totally aural and it works as a mix of Binaural beats, Monaural beats, and Isochronic beats. It comes helpful not only for anyone who wishes to get rid of anxiety, reach high level of knowledge, become more positive, or improve relations. Experts in personal development, neurology and psychology have become more and more aware of the advantages of brainwave entrainment and have begun to use it to help their clients who encounter even more rough problems.

Practically, this field is new and even if many haven’t heard of it, it is rapidly amplifying. At a quick view, it may appear simple: the process involves the concentration on the human beings’ state of mind and how can it be improved. But it is actually a very complex process: the brain is stimulated by the hearing, causes the discharge of an electrical burden which immediately becomes what the person hears.

It is a fact that most people do not use their brain to the full capacity, and that is another reason why brainwave entrainment is considered helpful. Studies have proved that the right binaural beats, corresponding to deep concentration, can lead to a better intellectual activity. So why not take advantage of it? Also, people need to know that it can improve the work of creative people, artists: they can more easily accomplish artworks.

The subject is very deep…we are offered the possibility to create our reality by improving our subconscious. Yet people seem to have a different view of the subject. To access the subconscious, we need to analyze our inner beliefs, so as to know what is causing us happiness, sadness, fear, or any other feelings. Once we’ve managed to achieve that, we will have to do some dramatic changes, so that in our subconscious will get only positive stimuli. These will only help to generate better states of mind, and thus create a better reality.

All this is not at the reach of everyone…That is why we can take things one step at a time in the pursue of our awareness. The brainwave entrainment is one thing we have to use in our favor, and we should try to find the proper binaural beats to generate us the mood that we want to accomplish.

Looking for a way to get rid of the daily stress? Brainwave entrainment is the new method to find the peace and tranquility that you need. Choose the right binaural beats to generate the mood that you desire.
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