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Posted March 23, 2013 by RaynaJess

Brainwave entrainment is a very elaborate neurological process that manages to stimulate the brain with the help of isochronic waves and binaural beats.

Brainwave entrainment is a very elaborate neurological process that manages to stimulate the brain with the help of isochronic waves and binaural beats. This incredible mechanism of the human body, the brain, can be activated via different kinds of aural frequencies. As society is constantly developing, people have begun to search for ways to make themselves feel better, because feeling better in the inside is visible outside too. This is a concept actually it’s extremely vas, and a part of the personal development.

One of the most desired states of mind is the relaxation, feeling that sense of freedom that our body needs after so much stress. People can get into that mood with the help of theta waves which means meditation, intuition and memory. These sound waves reach up to 4-7 Hz and represent another stimulator for the brain to enter the mystery part of oneself. Theta mood lowers brain activity to the level of sleep, but not totally; it’s actually the zone where the magic happens. Both isochronic tones and theta waves can create a certain mood that may resemble a dream, or bring back a memory from the subconscious.

Isochronic tones have proven efficient in the synchronizing process of the hemispheres. These tones regular beat sounds which manage to stimulate the brain waves. The audio pattern is created outside the brain and that is why there is no need to use the headphones. People choose the isochronic waves when they want a new perspective, clear mind, and even feel strong sensations like floating above the bed, control and manipulation over the hallucinations.

The feeling of floating can also be induced by theta waves. This feeling is given by the expansive state that the brain creates; the mind can expand beyond the limits imposed by the body. Theta is a state that resides in the subconscious. It is known to have a very important role in behavior reconciliation programs, and it was also used to treat drugs or alcohol addiction. It’s a state of the ultimate comprehension, of reprogramming one’s mind, of dream memories and self induction.

Theta state is also known as the crepuscular zone which people normally cannot access, but vaguely. It’s like a dream up, flashes with vivid images running before the mind’s eye, and there’s a strong perceptiveness of the information, that we normally don’t feel. Theta waves was identified as the gate to memory and comprehension; theta meditation increases creativity, reduces stress, brings out intuition and other extrasensory perception. Mostly the effects are similar with the ones of the isochronic tones.

Most expert state that with the isochronic tones you can get the best results. Although the brainwave area may sound new to some, the technique is quite old. So if you feel like trying new sensations, just choose among binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic waves, according to how you like sounds better. Some may need headphones, others not, some may be a little annoying and therefore may not be suitable for relaxation others may be too rough to your ears. Just choose according to your personal preference and the effect you want to produce. Isochronic tones and theta waves can make you experience states of mind you never even thought a human can possibly live.

Feeling tensed and you haven’t found any solution for relaxation? Try isochronic tones and theta waves and experience some exciting feelings
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