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May be your new home is in the middle of renovation or you may be moving temporary like for studies for job, may be joining your loved one. In all those cases temporary storage will be your ally because renting a storage unit will help you retain the goods you don't require right now but will definitely need in future. Storage unit it's just like your storage or disposal room but outside your home. Storage unit is a great solution for storing our goods when moving out from one to another home, and so all these will lead to question one thing, what to put in storage and what not, so below are the answer of your curiosity By Local Packers and Movers Mumbai.

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1. Say yes to these things-
After deciding what to take and what to leave, you will be left with lot’s of household items, still mystery will be unsolved because the next step is more confusing.

This is not possible to make the right decision on such on the spot that’s where we go for temporary space your friends, relative or for storage unit where you can access your goods 24/7, so save yourself from bad decision.

a. Furniture:
In household items furniture is the most bulky and spacious one. May be your new home is smaller than prior one, may be it won't go well with the interior or may be your new home is fully furnished and you have future plan for using them. You may thinking what furniture pieces will suit the storage unit then let me tell you furniture pieces mostly found in storage unit. Local Packers and Movers Mumbai helps in loading, unloading, packing, dismantling, reassembling and even more so for moving solution feel free to contact them.

Beds in dismantle state.
Mattress, protected with mattress bag.
Dinning room set, couch, table and chairs.
b. Seasonal item:
When we are thinking for what to put in storage the first thing that will come in our mind is ya lets put this we won't require till next 4 month. So place your seasonal goods in the storage unit like:

Store your next season cloths in the storage unit when you are moving so you can get enough time what to do with them.
Holiday decorations are easy to place in a storage unit as they fall once in a year like Diwali, Holi, Christmas so no worries. Move your pet and plant with 0% risk with Packers and Movers Mumbai.
You can place your various seasonal equipment’s in the storage unit.
c. Magazine and some books:
No matter how small your new house is you never want to be away from your favourite books but what about the other one's, so sort out your book store and donate or sell the one you don't want any more. Its best to keep the books in the storage which you thing you may want in future.

d. Large appliances:
If you are joining your loved one or moving temporary then it's good idea to your heavy items like kitchen stove, refrigerator, dryer, washing machine in a storage unit. So avoid duplication of appliances and save your space and cost of moving.

e. Documents and files:
You should always have your important files with you and for documents which you require but less important than store them in storage unit like for documents like warranty card, employment record, medical record and receipts.

Packers and movers Mumbai have safe and secure storage unit having all the required utilities and features like temperature control, well gated and CCTV camera installed in every corner.

f. Antiques-
There is no sense to take risk on your antiques when your move is temporary, also it will take lot's of money when moving so, so save your money and time by storing them safely in storage unit.

Wanna know how to prepare your goods for a storage unit visit packers and movers site and read there guide.

2. Say no to these items-
a. High value goods:
It's never suggestible to store your high valuable things like jewellery and other high quality goods because you never know what can happen even under 24/7 observation, so it’s best to keep them with you, in home. Require specialized packing services for your valuables hire professional Packers and Movers in Mumbai.

b. Wet item:
Never place wet item in a storage unit as there is high chanced for mold and mildew to grow on them and on the goods around it, so overall it’s a risk for all your stored goods. So before you store anything check twice that it’s completely dry especially for cloths and shoes.

Also avoid storing scented items or items have strong odours as they can easily attract insects and rodents.

c. Plants:
Plants can't survive without natural light, water and air. If you want to end the life of your loved plants you can surely leave them in storage unit. Also they will attract pest which will create problem with your renting period and stored goods.

d. Eatable items:
Storing food means inviting infestation problem in your unit, also food items will rot and start emitting bad odour which is favourable for bacteria and mold, wanna know how to finish your eatable before your move then read Packers and Movers guide.

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