John Yeska Examines Aviation

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John Yeska is an aspiring commercial airlines pilot who talks about the history of aviation.

John Yeska is an aspiring commercial airline pilot who has always been intrigued by the discipline of aviation. Ever since man has looked to the sky, he has dreamed of flying in it with the same ease as a bird. The word aviation itself derives from a French writer and naval officer by the name of Gabriel La Landelle. The word comes from the Latin one “avis” which means bird. Aviation is the practical application of the discipline aeronautics, which is the development, design, production, and operation of aircraft. This aircraft can be lighter or heavier than air.

Throughout human history there has been several impressive and ingenious designs that were meant to take man into the air. Aviation and humans taking flight occurred surprisingly early in human history. Though there have been many failures that have resulted from this endeavor, there have been many successes as well. Early pioneers like Arhytas of Tarentum would glide using an apparatus shaped like a bird’s wing as early as 400 BC. Aviation did not become a science until much later of course, but human interest in flying has been there for many centuries.

John Yeska is currently training to be a commercial airline pilot, which means he has to understand many aspects of aviation. The modern age of aviation would begin using lighter than air crafts. This first flight would occur at the end of the 1700s by means of a hot air balloon designed by the Montgolfier Brothers. Aviation and aeronautics is the study and application of achieving flight by any means necessary. While hot air balloons offered an easy way to take flight, they were impractical because they could only travel the same direction as the wind. This led to developments of a steerable balloon that became known as a dirigible. The Graf Zeppelin for instance, was a huge success, as it flew over one million miles within its lifetime, including a trip around the world in the late 1920s. Advancements in aviation such as the dirigible and the Zeppelin was necessary in order to further man’s understanding of flight.

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