Surge in the Demand for Soundproof Curtains in the Wake of Noise Pollution

Posted March 4, 2020 by Prity1

The Global Soundproof Curtains Market size is expected to reach $2.8 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 7.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

Soundproof curtains are one of the latest developments in the soundproofing industry. They are an affordable and easy way to get a comfortable environment in homes or offices. These curtains are beautifully crafted to match the customers' style and decorate their homes. They're pretty easy to hang up and they're inexpensive. The advantages of soundproof curtains outweigh their ability to provide a quiet home or work spot.
Apart from the dampening sound, these curtains isolate from the interference of light, providing a blackout effect that most people like. They are available across the market with extra insulating layers that keep warm and cold from the outside. They are convenient and hardly involve any sort of destruction. Soundproof curtains are the right choice for people looking for something simple, elegant and functional.

What are soundproof curtains?

The soundproof curtain does not look too different from the traditional curtains; the only difference is that materials and layers are used. A lot of dense and heavy materials are used to make each layer of a soundproof curtain; the layers are wide enough to provide optimum absorption. The fabrics used may vary from one manufacturer to another, but most of them use satin, velvet, and polyester.

These materials are all very dense but still have a variety of textures and colors to suit any space or style, no less stylish than traditional curtains. A curtain that is excellent at insulating lights, sounds, and heat, share the same thick materials. The thickness of the curtain material makes it more flexible to reduce low sound levels, such as bass. The porous nature of the materials helps to create air traps that turn sound energy into heat energy. Without these pores, the curtains would only reflect sound and reduce efficiency.

Soundproof curtains are typically bigger than the normal curtains as they are used to cover the whole window and a little bit more so that the curtains can create seals on the sides for optimum insulation. Generally, the larger the thickness of the curtain, the better it is for noise prevention. The thickness of the curtain plays a role in its weight; thick fabrics such as velvet and satin can weigh more than the usual fabric of the same size. The suggested weight for a curtain to effectively block sounds is approximately 1 kg.

What are the different reasons that have boosted the adoption of soundproof curtains?

Growing noise pollution due to industrial automation

Noise is a prevalent hazard in factories, particularly in the pulp & paper and metal & mining sectors. Loud noise can cause both physical and psychological discomfort, reduce efficiency, interfere with interactions and attention, and even lead to accidents and injuries at work.

Exposure to high noise levels can even trigger trauma and permanent hearing loss. The problem is that noise is everywhere around us, and no one thinks it’s harmful, because people have learned to live with it. It cannot be tasted, seen or smelled, so this problem is disregard until the consequences of industrial noise pollution begin to harm human health. Rising noise pollution due to industrial automation has resulted in an increasing demand for the use of soundproof material to minimize noise. This has contributed to the market demand.
Improving lifestyle and higher disposable income of individuals

The number of homeowners has increased significantly in recent years, especially in emerging economies, thereby spurring a growing interest, among these owners. Additionally, innovative and technologically-advanced home décor products have gained a high acceptance among homeowners who want to renovate the home interior and exteriors.

The impact of this factor would increase during the forecast period, thereby consequentially fostering the demand for soundproof curtains, during the forecast period. Soundproof curtains are an effective way of portraying the lifestyle that a consumer believes in. These curtains are used in the elite decoration of an apartment or a house with various accessories and furnishings to provide a more aesthetic and pleasant appeal to the building.

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To sum up

The soundproof curtains market is witnessing rapid escalation. This surge in demand for soundproof curtains has been recorded ever since market authorities started dedicating their time and efforts to get to the core of this industry. The industry participants are also doing their best to understand the real nature of the predominant trends.

Soundproof curtains have become an essential investment and should be taken seriously by anyone who is troubled by a lot of noise pollution in their buildings. The availability of soundproof curtains gives various home and office space owners something to be relieved about.

Needless to say, natural resources like land are rapidly declining, and that's why a lot of people have to fight for any available space. Demand for good housing and prime office space has led to houses and offices being built in areas that are not so quiet. Every so often, people are less likely to find a house or office that they like in a not-so-quiet environment. This is expected to raise the demand exponentially for these curtains. Furthermore, the Global Soundproof Curtains Market is anticipated to rise at a market growth of 7.3% CAGR over the forecast period.
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