The US-German Low-Energy House Developer “TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC

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The business endeavor will be successful because the Munich area is currently missing 35,000 apartments. While the number of luxury apartments has consistently grown over the past few years

The US-German Low-Energy House Developer “TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC” Sets to Raise the First Goal of $1,800,000.00 US Dollar Through Crowdfunding

By Mr. Hermann Weichselbaumer

September 14th, 2016

85354 Freising / Germany: The US-German low-energy house developer “TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC” announced today that it is launching a seed round funding campaign using crowdfunding platforms Crowdfunder ( and ( effective September 1st 2016. The company is targeting to raise up to US$10,000,000 for the development of 63 low-energy apartments in Pfaffenhofen, a municipality in Bavaria, capital of the district Pfaffenhofen. The first goal is $1,800,000.00 US Dollar.

The TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT, LLC (TUCANA) will be constructing 63 low-energy apartments in Pfaffenhofen, a municipality in Bavaria, capital of the district Pfaffenhofen. The director of TUCANA is Mr. Hermann Weichselbaumer. The buildings will be constructed using energy – saving material and will be spread over 3 phases into 3 years. The first phase is 18 apartments with more than 1,600m² (over 17.500foot²) surface area.
The homes that are being built will not have a large garden so they will probably attract young families, singles, DINKS (double income no kids) and investors who are looking to purchase properties later be sold on to the above-mentioned target client groups.

The business endeavor will be successful because the Munich area is currently missing 35,000 apartments. While the number of luxury apartments has consistently grown over the past few years, there is a little affordable housing for targeted client segments such as young professionals, retired middle-class couples and other individuals which are not able to afford a seven figure home.

Also in this targeted area there are several cities such as Ingolstadt or Augsburg which boast significant industrial employment which is currently likewise prospected to grow (Audi is building a new plant for 8,000 people, BMW is looking for 1,500 IT-Specialist).

The Market:

Demand for real estate in the Bavarian capital Munich and the surrounding region shows no sign of subsiding. Although property prices in Munich are on the verge of slowing their increase (which is only good and healthy considering the past development), the generation of heirs, financially well-stocked seniors and especially foreign buyers is still infusing enough money.

Construction though is slowed by missing plots. The segment is completely overheated - in all of Munich and the surrounding area. The areas that come on the market, are offered very expensively and are though still purchased by necessity. It seems to be almost no matter what exact position they are in. Various questionable architectural and very expensive construction project in Munich can be used as a reference here.

What is clear, however, is that if you can buy land at less than €1,500/m² you are able to offer reasonably affordable housing. As a result, new buildings under €5,000/m² are hard to get anywhere within the city limits, but outside yes. A cardinal problem of Munich, which has already led to desperate situations for many long-time dwellers.

Logically, one expert noticed: "Real estate is being purchased in all districts. The newcomers are often glad to get anything in Munich. It is reported of examples where families from Hamburg and Düsseldorf (both decent markets themselves) came to Munich for career reasons, would sell their house for €800,000 to €1,000,000 and then have to additionally finance €500,000 to €600,000 to purchase a similar property.


The TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC will be counting on its sales team to be a key factor in placing the offers with partnering real estate agents, banks and possibly public institutions. The sales team will also handle all client communication and will be responsible for building trust and personal sympathy towards potential buyers. If clients want to visit the building site or if they are demanding to update documentation concerning their investment, it will likewise be the responsibility of the sales team to make both personal appointments as well as all necessary documentation available to prospective customers.

Several partnerships with realtors are already in preparation and there is a very positive outlook that any realtor that the TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC will approach for a potential partnership will happily take the opportunity to add the offering to their value.

In regards to advertising, the company will be placing advertising in banks in the form of flyers and posters and it will be possible to put information about the ads on the intranet of large employers that operate in the area, such as Audi or BMW. Naturally, large billboards will be put up in front of the construction site and will also be possible to put smaller posters and billboards up in the local communities surrounding the development project. Local newspapers will also be considered for print market and ad placement. The company will have the website which will feature of virtual simulation of the apartments where clients are even able to decorate and layout the rooms according to their wishes and needs. The website will be promoted via social media and other traffic channels using PPC marketing. In designing the website, great care will be taken to follow call to action best practices and current clients to give the company a call and schedule a personal appointment on the site. The progress of the construction will be captured in video and will be added to the website and YouTube channel.

Financial Plan:

In 2017, the revenue is expected to be €5,400,000 for 13.5 apartments from Project 1. During 2018 it is expected additional €7,950,000 from 4.5 apartments from Project 1, and 15 from Project 2. Finally, in 2019 the expected revenue is €12,450,000 for 15 apartments from project 2 and 15 apartments from project 3. The total revenue is €25,800,000

Financing Needed:

The TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC is looking for a total investment of €8.6 million of funding (approximately US$9.4 million)


The founder Mr. Weichselbaumer, already owns the plot for the first project, valued at €750.000 and he will be personally motivated to see this project through. All the revenues from the first phase will be reinvested in phase two and three. The mission of the TUCANA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC is to build affordable housing for middle class people in areas of excellent accessibility and quality of life.

Mr. Weichselbaumer has spent four years working for a construction company where he learned a lot of things about real estate development and how to make an attractive offer to potential buyers. With the interest rate being so low now, with cutting edge technique at hand, with five prime contractors as partners and by owning the first plot to start with, it is a great timing and opportunity to start now.

For more information, please visit our campaign website:

and the YouTube-link at:

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To learn more, please contact me:

Yours sincerely,

Signed by:

Mr. Hermann Weichselbaumer,


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