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The jamming device floods the mobile phone by sending signals at the same frequency as the mobile phone, and has enough power to make the two signals collide and cancel each other.

The jamming device floods the mobile phone by sending signals at the same frequency as the mobile phone, and has enough power to make the two signals collide and cancel each other. Mobile phones are designed to increase power with little interference. Therefore, the jammer must recognize and adjust the performance improvement of the mobile phone. Mobile phones are full-duplex devices, which means they use two separate frequencies, one for talking and one for simultaneous listening. Some jammers only block one of the frequencies used by the phone, and both frequencies are blocked.


However, nothing is perfect. We should tell you that the more frequent the blockage, the faster the battery will discharge. Therefore, if you are looking for a portable universal frequency shield, please pay attention to the battery specifications, because you do not need a signal shield that charges every half hour. Also, look for an adapter for the lighter so that you can charge the device in the car. We hope we can help you, and we also want to inform you that many people can answer all your questions for sure. You should also know that we also have a dedicated website jammer-shop.com. It’s best to know how to access it and ask your questions correctly.


Although recent news indicates that some prisoners have mobile phones sometimes used to access the Internet, the Ministry of Justice has just announced that French prisons will use a new type of "high-tech" jammer. Your cost has not been stated. After the Charlie Hebdo attack and the announcement by Manuel Valls, Christiane Taubira yesterday announced the outline of the plan entitled "Anti-Terrorism Justice" (PDF). In the next three years, a total of 181 million euros will be released, of which 110 million euros will be released in 2015. Therefore, the prison administration will benefit from 43 million euros of protection funds, part of which will be used to "fill high-tech mobile phone jammers." However, Place Vendome has not yet provided a deployment plan.


At present, the main naval electronic attack system in the air is based on technology developed in the 1970s: when the service was changed from the old EA-6B Prowler to the new EA-18G Growler as an electronic attack aircraft, it was actually interference on radar aircraft. The system is basically the same. Service officials worry that the rapid development of China and Russia in electromagnetic warfare will more or less adversely affect pilots.


The Packard Award recognizes civil and military organizations, groups and teams that have demonstrated excellence in the procurement and delivery of fighter aircraft products and skills. Kendall said at the award ceremony: "The major achievements of the three Packard Award winners...prove the tremendous progress we have made in changing our business to increase efficiency and productivity." "Each of these teams remembers this. A mission. Taxpayers and our fighter jets are the real beneficiaries of their outstanding efforts."


The positioning device installed in the vehicle has a GPS chip that can calculate its location and send it to the server through a data transmission network to show the vehicle owner the exact location of its transportation. During the robbery, jamming opportunities prevented GPS and cellular signals from transmitting data. In this way, not only the precise position of the vehicle disappears, but also the monitoring cannot be performed from the platform due to disconnection from the vehicle. If both signals are blocked, criminals can carry the vehicle everywhere, hide and bear heavy objects quietly.


"If this is a government regulation rather than an investigation, it is a direct government intervention in the private sector. The telecommunications company is not a government agency, but a public utility. According to the law, the telecommunications company will obtain a franchise contract to enforce it Public function. Service." He said in another statement: "Just like a water company or a transportation company." "For example, the government shutdown puts the responsibility of directly responding to government intervention on the shoulders of the government. "Government inquiry" It is a gray area. Telecom refuses to provide services based on fragile arguments. "They" should answer this request.

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