Add Fun to Work: Card Parties are the Way to Go

Posted July 11, 2018 by pokerraker

One simple and fun way companies can ensure their employees get time to interact with each other is by making judicious use of icebreaker games.

Creating a sentiment of camaraderie among colleagues goes a long way in building a successful and fulfilling career. One must also consider the fact that maintaining the balance between professional work and life is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. We all have targets to meet and deadlines to follow. Walking around the office with a dark cloud above your head is a feeling that is all too common. So, this leaves a question in the back of your mind:
How do you spice up your work life?
The short answer is interaction. Why should you limit your interactions to just friends and buddies? Statistics show that 24% of workers feel connected to their peers — which implies that more than three out of every four employees at the average company feel a tad isolated. Co-workers spend ample time building professional relationships with one another, but rarely form personal ones. A personal relationship is a huge benefit for organizations as it helps promote higher performance at the workplace. Also, since everyone has their own role to play in a firm, it is critical for everyone to get along – not just for the sake of the work environment, but for the sake of the company and its success long-term. Going about and getting to know details about the lives of your co-workers can be done in two ways: First, you ask the generic ‘What are your hobbies?’, ‘What do you do for fun?’ type of questions. The alternative?
Ice-breakers: A fun way to break the tension!
One simple and fun way companies can ensure their employees get time to interact with each other is by making judicious use of icebreaker games. These are short and simple activities created to help people get to know one another more personally. They can be used to help new employees feel comfortable around their new co-workers. Furthermore, they can allow people who work in completely different departments and seldom interact with one another a chance to engage. Now the important question: What game do you select? There are quite a few games out there that you can try. But if you’re looking for something that is competitive, enjoyable and puts your mind to work, then there’s one activity that checks all the boxes.
How good’s your Poker face?
Contrary to popular belief, poker isn’t just played for making money. In fact, the vast majority do not play poker for cash at all. It started as a recreational activity, and although playing poker professionally is a viable career choice, most of us still enjoy pulling out the cards with our pals and playing a couple of rounds. The element of skill involved, reading one’s facial gestures and micro-expressions and the inherent simplicity of it is what makes poker the best choice as an ice-breaker game. What’s more? You always have the choice to play for or without money. But the best part? You can one-up your boss and watch them swallow their anger while you sit there with a wide grin on your face. Prepping for a poker game is easy too. You won’t need much other than a standard deck of cards and poker chips, costing you no more than ₹600 in total. Add to that some snacks and a conference table and you’re set.
Going online!
Convenience is without doubt the biggest gift technology has bestowed upon us. With poker now going online, it has become easier than ever to play. Fire up your app, log into your account and start playing. Tired of rounding up your colleagues, and having to physically drag them to the table? Now you don’t need to! You can now create private tables online and essentially play from anywhere you want! An interactive, intelligent and lively way to both stimulate your mind and develop long-lasting relationships with people at work. Playing online comes with its own set of goodies too. Poker rooms offer plenty of incentives to their users. You can find a wide array of such lucrative [url=] online poker offers[/url] at Poker Raker – India’s home for rakeback deals.
Participating in an activity that brings out a range of emotions is the easiest way to to encourage interaction in a way most people are comfortable with. Since all participants are in it together, this icebreaker is one of the quickest paths to building a united team.
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