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Plasti‌ ‌surge‌ ‌industries‌ ‌ will discuss the key benefits of PPE kits in detail, along with why investing in personalized protective clothing for staff in all hazardous environments should be paramount.

Many workplaces require workers and other visitors to adorn personal protective clothing (PPE) while on worksite premises if there are hazards present in the area such as open flames or chemicals which can cause harm. It is highly essential that PPE gear is always worn correctly whilst in a hazardous area, as this will surely prevent accidents from occurring and make for a safer work environment.

By having an optimum and well functional PPE kit within the workspace, workers need not worry about being safe at work, therefore, reducing the likelihood of workplace injury or short-term or rather long-term health issues caused by a situation that protective clothing may have prevented.
Benefits of our offered PPE kits

Prevent injury from harmful bacteria and corrosive

If you are working with chemicals, it is equally imperative to wear full PPE from goggles to gloves. Harmful and corrosive substances, mainly liquids, can be very dangerous if spilled or leaking occurs; which results in splashes which can be life-altering when contact is made with the skin or eyes. When working in an environment that aims to control harmful bacteria like a clinical lab or a hospital, a well defined PPE kit acts as a barrier between infectious materials that can result in illness and damage to the skin. In these environments, protective clothing is vital.

Lower the risk of respiratory illness

Respiratory issues that are caused from breathing in smoke, gases or chemicals from contaminated air can be highly toxic, so respirators are of utmost importance to protect your lungs from both long-term and short-term gas-related illnesses. However, on oil and gas sites, it is equally important to be fully equipped with eye protection, hearing protection and flame-resistant clothing. If working in oil and gas wells, this can expose workers to hydrogen sulphide, which can result in irritation and difficulty breathing in some asthmatics. One of the most harmful gases to inhale is crystalline silica. This is a known lung carcinogen that can cause silicosis and in the worst cases, can highly be fatal.

Safeguards your body from extremes of heat and cold

It is highly essential to keep workers safe and comfortable, even in uncomfortable and dangerous situations. Protective gears are a great example of how PPE can surely keep you safe from extreme heat when welding or using electricals for example, as well as extreme cold such as outdoor or underground maintenance work. Numerous layers of PPE are to be worn for extreme temperature, along with heat-resistant outerwear for hot environments or thermal layers and wicking material to keep you warm in cold environments.

Prevents injury

Whether it is falling rocks or slipping, rest assured that you are protected with the right footwear and head and body protection when you’re entering a hazardous area. Boots with good grip and a helmet are examples of much needed essentials to safeguard yourself from falling and head injuries while on the job. These injuries are some of the most common in the workplace, so be sure to wear your personalized protective clothing .

PPE kits – Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are protective gears and outfits structured to safeguard the health of workers by minimising the contact to a bacterial and viral infection. Our PPE kits provide overall coverage and the fabric quality ensures safety of people working during this tough time. These safety gears and essential products save you from getting in contact with the coronavirus infection.

Advantages of PPE kits

1. Prevent injury from harmful bacteria and corrosives
2. Reduce the risk of respiratory illness
3. Prevents your body from extremes of heat and cold
4. Prevents injury

We, at Plasti‌ ‌surge‌ ‌industries‌, are the top notch PPE Kit Manufacturers in India.
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