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Planet spark Reviews – YouTube has become a daily destination for content. Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has transitioned from a video-sharing platform to a content-creating space.

In recent years, there has been an influx of individuals creating content on YouTube. We have witnessed many aspiring YouTubers following their passion, especially during the pandemic. It was the time when we were being forced into self-isolation or self-quarantine. Suddenly, there was nothing to do outside the four walls of our own house, people naturally started to gravitate towards the internet for entertainment, learnings, etc where the video content was heavily consumed.

To utilize the time in hand, peoplestarted creating their youtube channels, sharing the content they are good at. Many of these individuals did it as entertainment or as a secondary source of income. However, there has been a growing population of individuals who became full-time YouTubers. Earning some money on the internet has become so common that almost anyone irrespective of age can earn provided they have few basic skills to keep the audience engaged.

In recent years, advancements in technology and science have created demands for jobs that did not exist a few decades ago. Communication is the future, and to be equipped with essential skills such as excellent speaking skills will come in handy.

YouTube Kids as a category took off in 2015 and channels by individual kid creators started picking up. 9 years old Ryan Kaji managed to top the list of YouTubers and had the highest earning in the year 2020. According to Forbes, Ryan made $29.5 million (Rs 217 crore) from his YouTube channel “Ryan’s World”, where he unboxes and reviews toys and games. 10yrs old, Anantya Anand being second on the list has her Youtube channel “My Miss Anand” where she talks about fashion, sporting festive looks, offering travel tips, performing funny sketches.

Parents of these kids have enabled them to champion these new-age skills, making them future-ready. YouTubing is one of the most upcoming and promising careers in contemporary times. It can be said that being a YouTuber is one of the newer career choices available to individuals, particularly millennials offering tremendous scope for growth and many benefits other than monetary. Such as the ability to express yourself, opportunities to showcase creativity with zero investment, and in a click of a button you can earn popularity and fame. It may not be a full-time career option right off the bat, but over time, your kid too can make it a professionif motivated and guided in the right direction.

If your kid also feels fascinated seeing YouTubers and wants to be like them. You can help them grow by enrolling your kid at Planet Spark. Here through our courses, we lay emphasis on voice modulation, choice of words, body language, confidence to face the camera, public speaking, creative thinking, and writing, etc. Where we work towards developing and polishing personal skills , giving them a chance to get started with the basics to develop excellent communication skills and have them ready for life!

One of the most important skills to become a YouTuber is Public Speaking, At Planet Spark, we use the most engaging and playful ways to build Public speaking and creative skills. Guiding your kids to talk on various topics without any hesitation in front of the public. The daily practice and personalized attention help monitor their daily progress. Once they are confident enough to speak in front of others, we make them ready to face the camera. Different topics of their interest are given to them, on which they have to do a detailed study and to share their opinion.

Teaching them a technique of connecting with audiences, charming the audiences with speeches creates an impact, and makes their presence felt. You’ve probably heard the statistic that only seven percent of a message is conveyed through words and the other 93 percent comes from nonverbal communication. People can easily gauge your nervousness conveyed via your body language. The case becomes more transparent when it comes to kids. Here’s why we train children with our various events and workshops to polish their overall communication skills so that they can master everyday conversation with people more effectively and fearlessly.

When the pandemic started, it was most difficult for parents to keep their kids engaged in activities and courses which would further add to their skills. Many parents have enrolled their kids in different courses provided by Planet Spark.

Where parents get a chance to see their kid’s live projects, implementing what they have learned – these projects include TED Talks, YouTube Channels, Stand-up, etc.

One of the parents in the Planet Spark reviews says – “Yash has always been an inquisitive child. Current times came as a boon in a way as he got ample time to show his talent to the world by launching his YouTube channel in English. Certainly, PLANETSPARK courses such as the English communication course helped him further to hone up his skills and become an excellent speaker.” Some of his videos on his “Yash Raj Chopra Infotainment Channel” reflect the learnings he received through planet spark’s tailor-made programs”. You can read many such transformational stories in Planet Spark Reviews.
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