Why you Need Affordable and Reliable Cell Phone Service

Posted February 25, 2017 by pixwireless

Finding an affordable cell phone provider who provides reliable service can be a frustrating experience as prices for everything from data to just a few extra minutes continue to skyrocket.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different and a consumer who requires more data for their device to stay updated on their e-mail or the latest news is not the same as another consumer who may require more minutes to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. The differences vary from person to person, so it’s important consumers have access to a reliable cell phone provider who caters to their needs.

Pix Wireless is the Perfect Choice
Pix Wireless is the ideal choice for consumers who want a reliable cell phone service without any of the small print or additional charges snuck into a contract. The downside with other cell phone service providers is when consumers sign a contract they’re locked in with that one provider for one to two years, or even more depending on the type of service they want. Over time the consumer’s needs and lifestyle may change so the service they had last year may not match the kind they need in the next one. When they’re locked in a contract however, there’s little chance of being able to change their service.
The other disadvantage with other cell phone providers is when a consumer is locked into a contract they can be charged extra for going over their data plan. Using more data one month happens from time to time and consumers are the ones who have to pay out of pocket for this extra expense.

Pix Wireless puts the power of the type of plans consumers demand and want into their own hands so they can decide for themselves which plan suits them best. Plans range from Monthly, Weekly, Pay GO, and Custom to fit the needs of the customers.

What is the Difference Between Each Plan Available?
Pix Wireless has several low cost cell phone plans available for customers to choose from to fit their needs and their lifestyle. They understand everyone schedules are different and the kind of service a customer had last year may not match the needs they have coming into the New Year. This has led to Pix Wireless to provide a wide range of plans for their customers to ensure they can meet everyone’s needs and lifestyle.

The monthly plan involves customers paying a set price for a certain amount of services each month ranging from $20 to $50 depending the data, messages, and minutes. Each of these plans lasts approximately 30 days and the customer can renew the plan as they see fit or switch to another one. These plans are excellent for customers who just want to pay a set price each month and ensure they have the desired services on their phone available at all times.
The weekly plan has customers paying per week with prices ranging from $9 to $15. These plans are good for keeping a device active and making sure you’re available if necessary. Each of these plans has a set amount of minutes, data, and text messages that can be sent in the timespan of five days. Customers can choose to renew the plan if they wish or switch to a new one if they choose too.
The Pay GO plan is another popular choice that can last from 30 to 180 days. These plans are ideal for long term phone users who need to keep their device active in case they need to be contacted, but don’t use their phone often. These plans charge for the minute, text messages, and data used so they’re an excellent long term option for consumers who don’t use their device too often.
Custom plans are a unique introduction from Pix Wireless that allows customers to create their own cell phone plan to match their lifestyle. Customers can choose how many minutes, data, and text messages they can receive each month. The custom plan gives customers a greater range of control in the type of services and pricing they want for their device without having to spend extra. The pricing for each choice is listed right below it so customers can customize their plan to match their needs and lifestyle.

Can You Bring Your Device Over from Another Cell Phone Provider?
Not only is Pix Wireless an affordable cell phone provider, but they’re a reliable one by making it easier than ever for customers to bring over their own devices. One of the challenges of switching to another cell phone provider was having to go through the process of purchasing a new device and getting set-up all over again. Pix Wireless charges no activation fees for customers who bring their own device over so they don’t have to worry about paying for switching.
The phone does have to be an AT&T or Unlocked GSM device or a Sprint Compatible device to switch over to Pix Wireless. Millions of devices can make the switch without an issue which has made Pix Wireless one of the most reliable cell phone providers available.
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