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Posted May 20, 2017 by pintogold

An engagement is incomplete without the engagement ring. Traditionally, it is widely believed that the engagement ring is a diamond ring presented by the groom to the bride

An engagement is incomplete without the engagement ring. Traditionally, it is widely believed that the engagement ring is a diamond ring presented by the groom to the bride. Because engagement rings are an important part and parcel of weddings, they shouldn't be taken lightly. There is quite a lot you will need to learn about the bride and the rings before even purchasing one.

It is important to know her size before buying the engagement ring. To figure your way out of this puzzle, it is advised you secretly take one of her rings to a jeweler. I am sure they will be more than willing to assist you. You can also ask her mother or sister or anyone close to her who could have vital information about her ring size. Try to also know her choice of jewelry stones. Does she adore platinum, yellow gold or white?

The next thing to do is to set your budget. Engagement rings come in various prices which range from moderately to very expensive. Your budget should be the limiting factor to your engagement ring price, but you can visit Pinto Gold to find a good deal. What makes the engagement ring a relatively expensive gift is the diamond. Make sure you understand some of the basics of buying diamonds in order not to waste such an expensive investment.

Most diamond professionals use four factors to buy diamonds, and you can also use the same standards to purchase your diamond engagement ring.

1. Color
The overall price of the diamond jewelry is largely dependent on the color of the diamond. It is sometimes referred to as the color value of the diamond. You can instruct the jeweler to arrange the diamonds you are interested in based on their color value. Since they have slight differences in their colors, it may be quite a difficult task to notice the difference between the diamonds. Just remember that, the less the color, the more expensive and vice versa.

2. Clarity
When it comes to selecting diamonds, clarity is not less important. A flawless (F1 graded) diamond shows no inclusions (inclusions = faults) when viewed under 10X magnification. Be prepared to pay an extra amount for perfection because flawless diamonds are relatively rare.

3. Cut
This is the very first aspect of diamonds that can be affected by humans. It can also be referred to as “make” and the better the make, the more gorgeous the diamond. To value the diamond based on the cut is sometimes subjective.

4. Carat
The basic measuring units of diamonds are carat weight. This also has to do with how much your diamond weighs.

There are quite a great variety of diamonds to make a choice from. Although they all appear beautiful, they vary in clarity, carat weight, and color. We are hopeful the above information will come in handy and prove to be useful when selecting your diamond engagement ring. Please bear in mind that only diamond from reputable jewelers should be purchased.

We hope you will find the information above helpful in choosing your engagement ring diamond.

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