Patricia M. Muhammad Discusses Bonus Content and the Importance of the Reader

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-United Kingdom, 2022-January 22 — /ToStories/ — Patricia M. Muhammad discusses the value of the reader-author dynamic.

Readers have always played an integral role in the success of the literary arts. Without the reader characters have no witnesses to their plight, no external cheerleaders as they cross the finish line in triumph, nor an encouraging word from a far off stranger when they have encountered a setback. Of course there is the practical aspect of the readers' contribution to books and their authors. They have the power to alert others to the latest release or the novel that seems to be the genre of trend. So often readers will hear about authors' endeavours to produce a new work of fiction. Yet it is they who have often formed their own book clubs or even social platforms in support of a particular novel or writer. In recent years, authors have more noticeably reciprocated their readers' generosity. Swag is not only for the high-end after party of honoured guests of elite gatherings. Authors have provided prizes, book giveaways and swag bags at book signings. Even still, some offer free online excerpts of any of their titles, sneak peaks or even bonus content whether you subscribe to their newsletter or opt-out. These additional materials or gifts should not be considered as an avenue to placate the readership but to demonstrate their gratitude for lending their ears to a new story that would have otherwise remained closed to a general audience. In this respect, the reader and author are entwined in the artistic crusade. One originates a form of creativity, while the other may expand upon it. Nevertheless both may easily demonstrate an appreciation for the gift of this literary sharing. A few authors provide music, yes music, that becomes an interrelated accompaniment to the published novel. Authors have endeavoured to expand their creative outlets by not only making their characters nearly three-dimensional, but the novel as a whole as well.

This artistic expanse also includes fictional dossiers of characters. These short descriptions provide insight or an introduction for the reader. Some may include a whimsical detail or even provide a secret about the character's life. This stretches the author's imagination while granting an additional allure for the reader to further delve into the underlying theme of the storyline. Fiction author Patricia M. Muhammad has provided character dossiers for all of her published titles. She refers to them as part of her free online content as 'literary guides' and includes three additional associated content: 1) 'Special Objects', 2) 'Places', and 3) 'Interesting Facts'.

Each guide for each available title is free to download as a .pdf for Patricia's currently available titles: Love Captured, Hidden Valor, Ardor's Prestige, Stolen Grace, The House of Marchesi, The Speakeasy Murders, Murder By Dissent, Sweet As Murder and with her most recent book release, Silhouette Lost.

Readers accept the gifts (freebies) readily available for more than having another object to add to their collection. This content displays the author's intent to interact with the reader—even at a distance. As most are aware, authors tend to be introverts and what better method to engage with their readership but through additional writing. Beyond this, authors provide interconnected novellas and even games associated with theme of their novels. Regardless of genre, this creates a general literary world of the author—beyond the confines of the created world of each novel he or she has written. The reader becomes an even further invited guest in the world of all of these characters, becoming more acquainted with them, their circumstances and the hand that penned their stories.

Patricia M. Muhammad announces the inclusion of additional bonus content for each of her currently published fiction works. Puzzles. As you navigate through each of her novel's pages, the reader can search for the bonus link and access this new addition. The reader can find the answers to the crossword puzzle in a number of ways. Of course, the reader may purchase the book. Yet some answers are based on historical context or may even be included in any of the aforementioned literary guides. The author has provided a hunt for literary treasure that the potential reader may enjoy.

Similar to her literary guides, the crossword puzzles are free and can be found on the author's website as a downloadable .pdf file after clicking the image of each book title. Currently, crossword puzzles are available for Silhouette Lost and The Speakeasy Murders. Check back periodically for more.

For a list of all of Patricia M. Muhammad's novels, visit her homepage at:

About the author: Patricia M. Muhammad is a multi-genre fiction author who has written 22 novels and is currently working on her next book.

Connect with Patricia: Social Media: @pmmuhammadbooks Press: [email protected]
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