Fiction Author Patricia M. Muhammad Discusses Her Debut Historical Romance Novel, Love Captured

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-United States, 2021-August 06 — /PRFree/ — Fiction author Patricia M. Muhammad discusses her debut historical romance novel, Love Captured.

Liverpool, England is a city situated in the upper northwestern portion of what would become the United Kingdom. By the 18th century, Liverpool was a city flourishing due to its geographical advantage along the Mersey River. Thus, mercantile trade was the primary occupation for those astute enough to engage in barter. Liverpool began as a fishing community before it morphed into an epicenter of maritime trade. However, for the working class and the poor, fishing remained a viable manner in which to provide meals for their families. Paved roads, barouches and lit streets marked the development of this English port city. Liverpool became so financially sustainable that it would become one of the three main ports used in England besides that of London and Bristol. Liverpool, however, was not a city which limited its trade to other British cities or even that of Europe. Its port allowed for it to accept ships laden with goods that sailed from as far as the colonies. This was yet another demonstration of not of English authority over the colonies, but that of cooperation for the further development between the two. Thus, England and the colonies had a form of financial inter-dependency which helped developed these two separate entities in their respective geographical regions. Liverpool also had grandiose architecture. However, not all Liverpudians were among the financially viable. Several lived in extreme poverty with lack of hygiene. This contributed to deaths from poor sanitation and hygiene.

Indeed there lied a connection between Liverpool, England and the colonies. In one instance trade may have appeared to be the primary purpose for which a particular schooner would leave the North Carolina colony and disembark its passengers and load at the port of Liverpool. There existed another bridge between the two, one that not even the captain or the seaman would understand—until they discovered a maiden stowaway aboard their brig. Emmeline was beautiful, sheltered, a member of a wealthy family reared in the plantation mansion of the North Carolina colony. As she becomes older, she realizes that the home that she has always known is not the home where her future lies. Her maternal forbear discloses a hint to her regarding her lineage. It is the catalyst that leads Emmeline to leave the colony for Liverpool. She was born free. The schooner she was to steal away was a cargo ship, yet that would not have stopped some of the devious sort from attempting to have their way with her—except for the intervention of one seaman.

The sailor's name was William. He escorts her to his captain. The captain wishes not to be distracted from keeping the brig on course to its destination. The relations between colonies and England are a delicate one and any undue delay or mishap could sabotage what progress it would serve their mutual financial interests. William is now in charge of their uninvited guest until the schooner arrives at the docks of Liverpool, England. When they arrive, the seaman provides his charge his dilapidated tenement as he was soon to depart for yet another voyage. Emmeline appreciates and accepts his gesture. She has now become acquainted with the impoverished upon entry into the port city. Emmeline must adjust to her temporal arrangements if she is to accomplish what Permilla's guidance has set her to. She has involuntarily entered impoverished circumstances, while an Englishman, a rebellious courtier voluntarily ventures to this place of poverty. Emmeline's journey has now bridged her life in the colony to the life she is to have in England. It would become a sort of social trade. The barter is shedding the memory and history of her past in exchange for a newfound and other freedom that she could only have in England.

Duke John Harrison does not know exactly what he searches for, but knows it is not within the confines of his mother's and father's direction. When he encounters Emmeline he attempts to befriend her. She initially refuses his kind gesture. Duke John Harrison is ensnared by her beauty and persists. Emmeline knows that at some point she must rely on the kindness of strangers if she is to uncover the secret that will catapult her into where she is supposed to be. She is aware that she must do this in order to survive until then. Emmeline accepts the duke's gifts. He is kind and genuinely interested in becoming better acquainted with her. The duke already knows that she will be the one he is to marry. Emmeline then seeks assistance from a benevolent society. After a short time, John and Emmeline begin an unusual courtship. The courtier does not hesitate to inform her that he wishes to introduce her to his world and present her before it. After some time, John presents Emmeline to his mother and father at a gathering in honour of Stephen Harrison. John announces their engagement. His mother plots with Lady Edna to be rid of Emmeline. Lady Edna endeavours to ensure Emmeline and Duke John never have their happiness. Yet they all have failed. The King’s Bench establishes Emmeline’s British birthright. Whom she was before while she was in the colony is her shed history. Whom she is and whom she is meant to be with is in England, and she wholeheartedly accepts it. Right here and in this moment is where Duke John and Lady Emmeline's true future begins. The king and queen are quite aware of what members of the gentry are capable of. They seek to cleanse the court of the stain of deceit which tarnishes it. The Crown shall have its full authority restored. During one of the ceremonies before the Crown there is an attempted murder. An unexpected defender of both Lady Emmeline and Duke John protects them from harm. Those whom the king have adjudged guilty are quickly meted out their rightful punishment, swift death—without exception.

Love Captured is available as an ebook from these online retailers:

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About the author: Patricia M. Muhammad has currently written 20 novels. She enjoys traveling abroad, landscape photography, and genealogical research. Patricia is currently based in the United States.

Connect with Patricia:
Social Media: @pmmuhammadbooks
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