Hot Upstairs, Cold Downstairs? Here's What You Can Do With Your Air Conditioner

Posted November 6, 2021 by perates85

Here are easy things that you can do to your air conditioner to regulate the temperature in your whole house.

Have you ever noticed how your house can be hot upstairs but cold downstairs? The temperature change can be uncomfortable for most people. Luckily, there are heating and air Conditioning Ashford solutions that you can try out. Here are easy things that you can do to your air conditioner to regulate the temperature in your whole house.

Replace the Air Filter

Something as small as a new air filter can make a world of difference. Clogged air filters in HVAC systems can make it harder to push cool air around your home. Your machine will work harder to release cold air, but it will still feel warm upstairs.

Not sure where the filter is or how you can change it? You can call up heating and air conditioning Canterbury services to get a new air filter and have them replace it for you.

Check Your Attic

A huge reason your house has uneven temperatures could lie within the attic. Your attic might not have the proper insulation it needs to keep hot air out, and cold are in. If the attic has leaks, lack of insulation, etc., it could let all the cold air seep out and make the second floor feel hot.

The main way to fix that issue is by having your attic properly insulated. That way, the higher floors of your house can retain all the cool air. Getting attic fans can also encourage good and cool airflow around your home.

Reduce Heat Sources Upstairs

You may not realise it, but you could have a lot of heat sources upstairs that contribute to the warm temperature. Leaving lights on, especially when you are not using them, can heat up a room. You can also use blinds and curtains to keep the sun’s warm rays from shining into your home.

Adjust Your Dampers

You can simply fix your vents to see if it solves the problem. If the vents have dials or levers, you can adjust the dampers. Dampers are small louvres inside which can move upwards and downwards to open or restrict airflow.

To make the upstairs colder, fully open the second floor’s vents while partially opening the first floor’s vents. That way, more cool air gets forced to the second floor. You can do the opposite method during the winter to make the second floor warmer.

Use Fans

You can strategically place fans around your house or install them into the ceiling. Fans can encourage more air to flow around your house, which can make your air conditioner do less of the work. Try to keep your fans on a low setting to prevent making your house too cold.

However, this could be a bandaid solution if you need repair services from a heating and air conditioning Ashford company. Fans cannot fix a problem if it is directly inside of your air conditioning system.

Are you tired of dealing with uneven temperatures around your home? You can fix that by trying any of the solutions listed above.

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