International law / International Relations, the Hideous Imposture of the West

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1888 PressRelease - International law, on a theoretical basis, makes it possible to reach a consensus in the face of a dispute and to settle it amicably.

1888 PressRelease - International law, on a theoretical basis, makes it possible to reach a consensus in the face of a dispute and to settle it amicably.

Per Dr. Mehenou Amouzou

According to its definition, international law is the set of legal rules that govern relations between states or between individuals in an international framework. A State may indicate its agreement in this relationship in several ways, in accordance with the final provisions of the treaty in question. The most common ways include definitive signature, ratification, acceptance or approval and accession. Relations may be bilateral (between two States) or multilateral (between several States).

International law, on a theoretical basis, makes it possible to reach a consensus in the face of a dispute and to settle it amicably. But very often, some Western countries equate it with their policies of aggressiveness and imperialism. This leads one to think and ask questions about the usefulness of this international law since the big countries do not respect it. It is only the developing countries that, with a naive and illusory approach to the theoretical definition of international law, preserve peace and humble scale, humanity.

The West and International Law

According to the English writer and playwright, Harold Pinter, "the invasion of Iraq was an act of banditry, an act of flagrant state terrorism, and proof of utter contempt for international law." The majority of Western countries have different views or a different interpretation of the law. International law is an abstract and multi-faceted subject that serves their aggressive agendas. This allows them to unilaterally impose their wills on the false pretext of defending the world order. And if we were to question the origin of this world order and the sponsors of its defense, no one would be found. In fact, this system exists only to satisfy their will to pull by force, wars, destabilization movements and massacres. It is a pretext to spread terror and ignominy against the population because of interests. Once the targets are reached at nearly 80%, the sponsors of these massacres pose as firefighters to extinguish the fire (s) they have lit. These scenarios continue today.

In the course of history, we have studied the evolution of our world and of the wars that have unfolded. The most prominent are wars of religions that continue to be responsible for the decline of our civilization. In reality, these religious wars are only profit wars for some people who have and continue to manipulate and kill if necessary in the name of peace. These people never mention their interests which nevertheless override international law.

The UN and international law

In reading the role, description and achievements of the United Nations from its inception to the present and future, many people seem to appreciate the role of the United Nations in bringing peace and stability to the world. But others contradict this definition and missions of the UN. For the latter, this organization was created to maintain peace between the last powers that participated in the Second World War in order to harmonize their efforts and protect their interests. All the other member countries are only extras with noble titles. And despite the illusion of these titles and the honors they have been awarded, they have no decision-making power. Members with veto power are those who can decide the fate of all mankind. These members are the USA, France, China, Russia and the United Kingdom. At the time of the creation of the permanent members, the former Soviet Union had imposed China to try to counterbalance the Westerners.

What is the relationship between the five permanent members of the UN Security Council?

From the outset, the five members had more or less balanced relationships. The relations of force are the same, very destructive, and the France of General De Gaulle played to balance the forces, which allowed him to have a diplomacy very developed. Hearing, she played fair play across the globe.

France's accession to NATO officially shifted the balance it displayed in a unipolar movement.

During the war in the Falklands in 1986, we had seen the war alliance an umpteenth time. The United Kingdom and the US allied themselves to defeat Argentina. The defeat of the former Soviet Union eventually caused the end of the bipolar world and the confirmation of the unipolar world as well as the development of proxy war and destabilization, religious fundamentalism. We can cite the war in Yugoslavia, the wars in Iraq, Libya, Chechnya, Sudan, Côte d'Ivoire, and etc.

In conclusion of everything mentioned above, we can say that international law / international relations do not exist. These are the words behind the imposition of the will of others on the nations.

Can Africa become a permanent member of the UN?

Africa can play a major role, balance and efficiency as a permanent member of the United Nations. For this, it will need at least 2 permanent seats on which African states would turn at fortnightly pace. At first, the choice of these two states cannot be essentially determined by the quantity of inhabitants but rather by the wisdom, the will to practice an independent policy specific to Africa, and the development of the inter-state economy on The needs of countries, regions and all of Africa.

At present, African economies are not developing to meet their needs. Today, everything is done according to the needs of the West, which creates a great disproportion and the increased development of poverty. In a word, some African leaders are there only to satisfy the imperial orders and extend for this purpose the duration of their power. They do not see the suffering of their people and therefore do not try to find solutions by taking advantage of the expertise of the member states and, if necessary, at the international level with the friendly states of Africa. The last point is to put one or several African research centers to accompany this ambitious development. These research centers will be open to anyone who loves Africa and who wants to contribute.

At the beginning of the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC), almost every country in the world had appreciated the institution's objective and dreamed of equal justice. But the world quickly became disillusioned with the propaganda that was to be this justice for all. Instead, the ICC seems to be established to punish recalcitrant leaders, those who do not want to be subjected to the dictatorship of the West. The proof is that the ICC has not tried any member of the Security Council. Their satellite countries, do they not commit war crimes and crimes against humanity? It must be deduced that some developed lesson-giving countries make use of brute force to dominate this world. It is for this reason that the former French President General De Gaulle called the UN "machin" and the ICC was created on the image of the UN.

Dr. Mehenou Amouzou received his Master in Business from the European Advanced Institute of Management, also a Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris, France. He completed his Post Graduate Work in Political Strategy, International Relation and Defense Strategies and earned his Ph.D. in Finance.


Raymond Bernhard West; Fundacion Paraiso Sin Fronteras; Mr. Paul Kokou Amouzou; Mr. Morgan Lewis, Amouzou Nkrumah Production & Mme Dominique Mazarin.
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