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Do Parsun 4-stroke outboards come with crankcase oil already installed from the factory?
NO!!! Parsun 4-stroke outboards are not filled with oil from the factory. Before you start your 4-stroke outboard you must add oil to the crankcase. If you do not add oil, you will severely damage your outboard. Running a 4-stroke without crankcase oil would be like running your car without oil…the engine will seize up and you will end up having to replace the engine block/powerhead (this type of damage is not covered under warranty). Please consult your owner’s manual for the proper oil type and amount to add and for the proper break-in and operating procedures.
Why has the break-in procedure for my Parsun outboards?
The break-in period is the most critical time in the life of your Parsun outboards. Correct operation during the break-in period will prolong the life of your new outboard and will ensure optimum performance. Properly breaking-in your new outboard will ensure the initial smooth operation and lubrication of all moving parts (pistons, gears, bearings, etc).
Why some outboards will overheat while running?
Generally speaking, there are three reasons for this problem. The first reason is the cooling water passage was blocked, so you should check whether the outlet of the outboards has normal water current. We recommend you change your impeller every year at a minimum depending on the amount of use you put on your outboard. One thing to remember is that even if you only use your outboard a couple of times a year you still need to have your impeller checked/replaced every year. Water pump impellers are made of rubber and will deteriorate over time even without being used (commonly referred to as “dry rot”); this can be just as damaging to your water pump as wear and tear.
The second reason is that the oil is too short. The last reason is that the end users start the engine out of water and then make the water pump to be damaged.
Do Parsun outboards come with lower unit oil (gear oil) already installed from the factory?
Yes. The lower unit gear oil has already been added at the factory, however, you should check to ensure it is completely full before starting your outboard for the first time. To replace/add lower unit oil we recommend any SAE 80 or 90 weight oil. You may also want to check out our owner’s manual on how to change and check the oil in your lower unit.
Please note: there are not gear oil if the outboards transport by the air.
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