How to Check the Reliability and Capabilities of an SEO Agency?

Posted February 22, 2021 by oscartornley

Looking for a professional SEO agency is a very important part of the future results that your company can expect to get from SEO.

A Professional SEO Agency Must Have Testimonials and Provide Recent Results!

If you do not take this step seriously, then you should not expect to get the best possible results from a collaboration with an SEO agency. So, you need to make sure that your future partner has both the capabilities and is reliable enough to provide you with the best services and produce the best results. The first things that you need to check at a potential partner are:

• Quality of the results. Most agencies post the results they produced recently for their clients on their website. The goal is to showcase to their potential clients what they can realize for them. So, you should make use of this opportunity and check the quality of these results. The best alternative is to find as many agencies a possible and compare all the results they produced until you find the best agencies available.
• The client satisfaction. The second thing that you should check is the satisfaction levels of the SEO agency’s clients. There are 2 methods that you can use to do that. The first one is to check the testimonial of the agency’s clients. But if you cannot fully trust them, then you can try and contact the clients directly and speak with them through a call. Doing that will ensure that you get real opinions. And that you can find out the satisfaction levels without any errors.
• Agency’s skill level. The skill levels of your future partner should be the best on the market. You should work only with agencies that are at the top of the industry. Only they can ensure that your website will be able to reach the top in the search engine result pages. And you can easily deduce that from your conversations with the clients, and also from the results that you fund on the website. Most of the time the better the skills, the better the results will be as well.

A Professional SEO Agency Must Have an Educational Blog!

Another factor that a professional SEO agency must have and that you must check and research is a blog. Most of the time, you will be able to find sections such as SEO news or SEO topics on the websites of the agencies. There you can find articles that you can use for multiple purposes. They will not only help you choose the best possible partner. The most important purposes for which you should visit the blogs are:

• You can learn SEO basics. If you want to find the best SEO agency partner for your company, then it is essential to learn at least the basics of this field. Only then will you be able to deduce if the results produced by an agency are good or not. Otherwise, you will not even be able to deduce if the quality of the services that you will use is good or not. And you can make use of the blogs from multiple agencies to learn all the basics of SEO.
• You can see the methods used by the agency. Another purpose for which you should visit the blogs is to see the methods used by the agency. You will not only find information about the methods themselves, but you can also find out if the professional SEO agency uses these methods in their articles. Keep in mind that the content used is the most important factor in SEO. So, the quality of the content must also be high enough.
• You can increase the trust you have in the agency. Lastly, you can check the reliability of the agency. It is very easy to deduce if an agency focuses on making more profits. Or if it focuses on maximizing the results produced for their clients through the blog. The articles will easily reveal the goals of the agency. And it will be easier for you to decide how much trust you can have in the agency.

You Should Check the Capabilities of the SEO Agency’s Experts!

The last factor that you should look for while searching for a reliable SEO agency is the capabilities of its experts. If the SEO experts and the rest of the staff do not have enough capabilities, then they will not be able to maximize the results that can be produced for your company. So, you need to make sure that at least the important members of the staff are at the top of their professions. For an SEO expert, there are 3 things that you should look for:

• Education and SEO skills. You may find on the internet the wrong information that the education level of a person does not matter in SEO. And that that SEO can’t be learned in school. This is only half true. Indeed, you can’t learn SEO in schools. But the education level will determine how fast and easy it is for a person to become an expert. Also, it can make the difference between the abilities of a person to use the knowledge that they learned.
• Communication level. Keep in mind that you will have a long-term collaboration with the professional SEO agency. So, you need to be able to communicate smoothly with the agency’s staff. If you can’t even understand each other properly, then how will you be able to ensure a successful collaboration. So, you should contact the SEO agency and discuss it a few times. Also, you can make use of this possibility and get answers to the questions that you may have.
• Test the services. The last method that you can use is to directly test the services of the agency. This is indeed a foolproof method. But it requires you spend some money. So, you should use it only on the final choice. After you find the perfect partner you can start with a short-term contract and test the agency’s services before you start a long-term collaboration.
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