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Vaginal infection is very common among women these times. This Himalaya v-gel herbal cream is presented at discounted prices on Online Herbs.

beverlyhill, california, USA : ( : Vaginal infection is very common among women these times. This infection can be a result of infections caused by viruses, yeast or bacteria or from irritations from chemicals there in sprays and creams or even the garments that has a contact with that area.

In only some cases of vaginal infection, vaginitis occurs from an organism that is passed amongst sexual partners. Such infections often create burning, irritation, odor or discharge. One can now keep their doubts at bay with V-Gel from Himalaya. This Himalaya v-gel herbal cream is presented at discounted prices on Online Herbs.

Common causes of vaginal infection:
Use of steroids
• Use of antibiotics: antibiotics are well-known to wipe out the bacteria that usually defend the vagina. Such an infection can result both pre and post taking an antibiotic for treating conditions such as a strep throat.
• Change in hormone: hormonal changes are likely to cause vaginal infection in women. These comprise of birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy, menopause or ovulation.
• Scratch in the vagina: A scratch in the vagina such as once caused while inserting tampons or any other objects can result in vaginal infection.

Using feminine hygiene sprays or douches
Weakened immune system: Some factors that result in a weakened immune system such as pregnancy, using steroids, cancer chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, or other medications that can weaken the immune system.

Wearing tight underwear: wearing tight underwear or one made of other materials apart from cotton can cause vaginal infections. This is likely to increase moisture, temperature and local irritation.

Diabetes: this disorder can lower the store of glycogen in some vaginal cells. This may also raise the content of sugar of the vagina thereby increasing the chances of developing vaginal yeast infections.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection:
• Painful intercourse
• Burning or painful urination
• Extreme itching of the genitals
• Vaginal discharge (usually thick and white-gray, with a consistency similar to cottage cheese)
• Irritated vagina as well as vaginal area

Treat common vaginal disorders with V-Gel from Himalaya
V-gel herbal cream is a distinctive pattern of herbs. Its demulcent property helps in relieving swelling and occasional itching of the vagina. It supports the normal Candida level and also supports the defense and natural immune mechanisms of the body. This cream contains selected herbs that are known for safely supporting the healthy and balanced levels of bacteria and pH level in the body.

Benefits of V-Gel From Himalaya
• It soothes occasional itching, burning sensation and irritation of the vagina
• It relieves irregular vaginal dryness
• It helps in maintaining a balanced pH value in the body
• It helps in supporting the protection and natural immune systems of the body.

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