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Looking for the free Blockchain course? Start your journey with Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals free course and have a bright Blockchain career!

Blockchain has emerged as one of the prominent technological trends in recent years. The concept of blockchain has found recognition across many important sectors, such as finance and banking and retail. Over the years, the demand for blockchain expertise has continued to increase, thereby creating adequate opportunities for career building. Blockchain is no more restricted to the limits of cryptocurrency.

It has slowly worked its way to the top ranks among most demanded hard skills in the existing technology job market. Therefore, the interest around learning blockchain has also received a potential impetus in recent times. So, it is reasonable to search for a blockchain course that can help in starting with the basics of blockchain. If you are a beginner in the blockchain landscape, then you have arrived at the right place!


Among the various platforms providing blockchain courses, 101Blockchains has the most interesting free blockchain course for beginners. Now, it is inevitable for anyone to wonder about the credibility of 101Blockchains to trust them. What type of platform 101Blockchains is? What makes 101Blockchains unique? And, what does it provide with its online blockchain courses? These questions need answers if you have to start with your formal blockchain training.

101Blockchains is one of the renowned professional and trustworthy platforms for accessing independent blockchain research and training benefits. The core objective of 101Blockchains is the training of enterprise blockchain professionals for achieving credible expertise in blockchain technology. The platform is capable of educating blockchain practitioners about latest trends while helping them improve skills according to the emerging industry demands.

Why is 101Blockchain Reliable?

The features of 101Blockchains and the content it provides for blockchain education and training establish the platform’s credibility. Learners could access webinars and a wide range of research-based content on blockchain technology through 101Blockchains. 101Blockchains also helps users participate in different online events such as virtual conferences for improving their blockchain expertise with insights from top industry experts.

Therefore, beginners can leverage 101Blockchains for more than just a best blockchain courses. The research material on 101Blockchains includes top-rated guides, infographics, and blogs on blockchain technology and training. The strength of 101Blockchains also evolves from the platform’s commitment to certain competitive aspects.

One of the first aspects that distinguish 101Blockchains from other blockchain education and training platforms is the strategic approach. 101Blockchains helps professionals in exploring blockchain in a way that could help them use it ideally in their respective job roles. 101Blockchains emphasizes particularly on the practical experience of learners with blockchain technology.

So, beginners could not only learn about the concepts pertaining to basics of blockchain technology and the related ecosystem but also about blockchain implementation. Furthermore, 101Blockchains also extends blockchain learning support with its comprehensive training courses and blockchain certifications.

101Blockchains provides three credible certifications for different blockchain-based roles while also including a comprehensive training course for the certifications. Therefore, any newcomer could find 101Blockchains as the perfect platform for starting their blockchain education and training. You can notice the various reasons that establish the credibility of 101Blockchains.

101Blockchains Free Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals Course

Now, let us reflect on the contents of the top free blockchain course by 101Blockchains for enterprise blockchain professionals. The Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals course on 101Blockchains is a free blockchain course available for access to all users. The free course serves as the first step in the journey of any blockchain professional aspiring to take their blockchain skills to the next level.

Blockchain expertise is also a proven instrument for escalating the position of a professional in the corporate hierarchy. The course is specifically tailored for individuals interested in improving their command over basic blockchain terminology. The primary objective of the course is to enrich the knowledge of professionals on fundamentals of blockchain technology, it's working,and its potential for boosting career prospects. Now, let us reflect on the contents of the most popular blockchain course of 101Blockchains that you can access for free!

· The first chapter of the course addresses the need fora basic understanding of blockchain technology. It covers the easiest approaches for understanding the working of blockchain.

· The second chapter of the course helps in learning standard terminology regarding blockchain technology. The chapter covers topics such as consensus mechanisms, permissioned blockchain, validators, double-spending, and more.

· The third chapter specifically deals with the most critical component of blockchain that drives enterprise adoption. The chapter deals with topics on the working and benefits of smart contracts.

· The fourth chapter reflects primarily on the need for blockchain to drive digital transformation. The chapter would address topics such as the leading sectors in 2020 suitable for blockchain adoption and the nine different verticals of blockchain transformation.

Get Ready to Learn Blockchain Technology?

As you can all notice, the free blockchain course of 101Blockchains serves great insights on different aspects of blockchain fundamentals. Most important of all, the course also helps many candidates learn about the long-term direction of blockchain technology. As a result, beginners can not only strengthen their fundamental knowledge of blockchain but also develop plans for their careers.

The reputation of 101Blockchains as an independent research-based network dedicated solely to a blockchain is also a favorable factor. Learning blockchain technology with free courses not only gives insights into the blockchain basics but also on using blockchain for innovative applications. Start learning blockchain right now!

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