10 Steps to Become a Blockchain Architect

Posted November 19, 2020 by onezerooneblockchains

Blockchain is one of the most in-thing in terms of career

Nowadays, Blockchain is one of the most in-thing in terms of career. However, with the ever-changing information that gets outdated very soon, one needs to be on his toes to make a career in this field. Becoming a Blockchain architect can be one of the most lucrative career choices today.
There is a very high demand for Blockchain experts worldwide. More and more enterprises have started looking into technology and require qualified people to assist them in developing innovative solutions.
Some people get confused between a Blockchain developer and a Blockchain architect. A Blockchain architect works with the Research and Development teams to infuse Blockchain in order to design and build solutions that leverage cross-asset concepts and frameworks. Since the Blockchain architect leads the Blockchain projects, he outlines the overall map for his team, including Blockchain developers and engineers.
There are a particular set of skills for the people who wish to become Blockchain architect, which they must be aware of and eventually develop. The following article lists down Blockchain architect skills step by step.
1. Learn Blockchain fundamentals
When you start any career, it is essential to clear the fundamentals. Go for a Blockchain solution architect certification to learn all about the subject. You will get to learn all about Blockchain, every term ranging from Blockchain's definition to smart contracts. Without a clear understanding of the fundamentals, it will be difficult for you to understand other aspects of Blockchain.
2. Understand the working of Blockchain Architecture
It would help if you always keep yourself updated with the latest Blockchain architectural patterns. You must understand concepts like consensus and hash functions, etc. Once you check out the Enterprise Blockchain platforms' whitepapers, you will get a clear understanding of how their platforms have been structured. In due course, you will get plenty of innovative ideas to create an entirely different solution. Reaching this stage would require a lot of your time and effort, but it will be worth it as it can and might become your top skill in your career.
3. Learn and Master Different Programming Languages
To become a Blockchain architect, you must master and have a high level of expertise in programming languages, including Python, C++, Java, and then Solidity. It is a must since expertise in these programming languages is one of the main requirements when you sit for an interview or work as a Blockchain architect in enterprises.
4. Knowledge and Application of Data Structures
Blockchain has a unique data structure, and thus, advanced understanding and application of data structures is a must to become a Blockchain architect. You may study Patricia Trees or Merkle Trees to gain extensive knowledge on how Blockchain is made with data structures. It is thus, essential to keep this in mind when you start to design a roadmap for your team.
5. Develop Leadership and Management Skills
One of the vital Blockchain architect roles and responsibilities is to lead and manage your team of professionals in order to develop a Blockchain solution. Sharpening your leadership and management skills will help you bring proper coordination between your team members. Once you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, you can assign such tasks to your team members that they excel in.
6. Expertise in Web Development (Back-end and Front-end)
A typical Blockchain architect course may not include front-end and back-end web development. You can either explore this yourself or learn from an institute or a training program as it is important. It would help if you learned how to develop APIs, UIs, and so on. In the long-run, you do not need to code yourself, but you may not be able to map your designs correctly without proper knowledge.
7. Understand Different Blockchain platforms
It is one of the most essential Blockchain architect skills to understand how different Blockchain platforms work. There is a difference between public, federated/ consortium, and private platforms, and you must know how each is different and how they work. This knowledge will help you select the best one based on your project requirements.
8. Proficiency in Smart Contract Development
Blockchain architects must be proficient in smart contracts. Since it is one of the highest in-demand features of enterprise companies, it is a must for a Blockchain architect. Once you learn how business logic works, you can easily make smart contracts. It is indeed one of the most vital Blockchain architect roles and responsibilities.
9. Mastering Blockchain interoperability
For any project, Blockchain interoperability is a significant factor. Many people still cannot offer proper interoperability, and since it will surely become one of the most high-demanded features soon, you must learn it. Any enterprise decides Blockchain architect salary only based on the skills that a particular Blockchain architect possesses. Learning and implementing Blockchain interoperability effectively can land you on the best available Blockchain architect job and fetch the best salary.
10. Integrating Blockchain with Business
Integrating Blockchain with business is also one of the most important Blockchain architect responsibilities. It is essential to learn and understand how tech can be coupled with existing models of businesses. The changes that you need to incorporate must not affect the revenues. It is one of Blockchain architect's most crucial skills as the success or failure of the project will depend on it.
How to Get Started?
After your diploma or degree in Computer Science Engineering, you can enroll in an Enterprise Blockchain Certification Program. A Blockchain Architect course will help you learn the basics of Blockchain technology. After learning the Blockchain Architect concepts, you can head-start your career and jump ahead to get the top place and best salary.
Although Blockchain technology is new, almost all the positions get a handsome salary, and Blockchain architects can expect much more than other positions. These skills will get you the most lucrative position in your team. You will be a leader. Although Blockchain engineers and developers do have high positions still, they would work under you. Enterprises offer a much better Blockchain architect salary package if you have some previous experience in the industry.
Blockchain is slowly taking over the world. Some jobs may disappear, but it is undoubtedly paving the way to many new ones. New opportunities are being created in this field, and it would be worth giving your best.
Getting a Blockchain solution architect certification is a must if you wish to pursue this career and reap the best rewards. Apart from providing Blockchain architect training, it will also offer leverage over your competitors in the market. Start on your new journey to success now.
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