Suitable For The Material Of Pet Bottle Preform

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PET plastic mold selection between injection mold and preform mold, preform mold PET bottle, embryo mold PET injection preform mold PET mold production steps

Which materials are suitable for processing Pet Bottle Preform molds? Generally plastic materials; such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum platen, brass plate, copper plate, etc. can be used to make the preform mold. The internal tapping machine is installed on the mold. The specific position; the up and down movement of the punch is converted into a rotary motion, and the tapping action is completed during the opening of the preform mold. The device is a device specially installed in a stamping die to form a crepe pattern. Since the stamping and tapping-bodyizing can eliminate the secondary tapping process of the stamping part, the cost is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the thread precision of the forming is high. Good strength, specially suitable for continuous forming die or forward-feeding die.

PET plastic mold selection between injection mold and preform mold, preform mold PET bottle, embryo mold PET injection preform mold PET mold production steps

What are the steps required to produce a molded plastic product: First, receive the order, a product mold design and manufacture (called: mold opening), a product injection molding, a plastic shell surface treatment (injection, silk screen, etc.), a delivery five, injection product categories: According to the needs of users, we can design, develop, produce and process corresponding injection products, and recommend *plastic materials. Injection molding involves more than 300 kinds of plastic products in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, IT, and daily necessities. The sidewalk color brick plastic mold box (more than 100 kinds of specifications). Sixth, where is the key to finding a manufacturer? The key point: investigate the industry experience, scale, and products of the factory. Second: look at how the product itself works. Price: third: see whether the cooperation mode is formal; fourth: see how the after-sales service.

1. Injection molding process defines injection molding processing, as the name implies, the commissioner provides raw materials and molds. The injection molding factory manufactures injection-molded products according to the requirements of the entrusting party and collects processing fees. Three. Four major elements of injection molding: 1. Plastic mold 2. Injection molding machine 3. Plastic raw materials 4. Forming conditions

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