How to Get FSSAI Registration Certificate for Your Business

Posted April 27, 2021 by Neail1

How to obtain a certificate of FSSAI registration for your company, Ensuring that the food supplied to the customer is safe for consumption is important.

How To Get FSSAI Registration Certificate For Your Business- How to obtain a certificate of FSSAI registration for your company, Ensuring that the food supplied to the customer is safe for consumption is important. That’s why the Indian Government has set up FSSAI as an authority on this issue. This blog explains what FSSAI is and what the process is for obtaining their license to trade in fruit.

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India [known as FSSAI] is the dimensional authority that coordinates food companies. It guarantees quality, hygiene, and safety standards for all food products available in the country. In the ordinary language, it can be said that any food product or any food product certified FSSAI is of optimum quality for consumption and use. It is important to obtain an FSSAI license for your food brand or food outlet in order to demonstrate compliance with basic standards. Today’s world is one of the conscious and conscious consumers. In the past decade, the consumer has been in a better position, choosing between the many options available. The era of monopoly is over; in today’s competition – survival is the most appropriate. The FSSAI license is only granted for brands and sales outlets that meet the carefully designed standards set by FSSAI. In order to get a hassle-free FSSAI license for your business, just follow the steps below. The most common mechanism chosen for the FSSAI license nowadays is to do it online. It’s fast, simple, and hassle-free.

Below is a list of programs that will satisfy the service needs, qualifications, reporting processes, and benefits. Our experienced team members are there to direct you and make the process easy to complete.

The first step: meet the eligibility criteria
In order to start your application for an FSSAI license online, you just need to log in to their website. The main official website of FSSAI is Once you visit the website, a slide titled “Are You Eligible For” will appear with three options:
1. Central license
2. State license
3. Registration

Click on the slide, and it will require you to fill in the address, country, region, and work. Once saved and added, a hyperlink will appear, saying, “Check eligibility criteria.” Click on the link, and it will lead you to a series of yes and descriptive questions related to your organization. Once all questions are answered, there will be an option to continue. If you are all satisfied with the answers you filled out above, click to proceed! After completing the pre-check, you will know which license you can apply for based on the individual eligibility criterion. There are two types of FSSAI license – central and state licensing. Eligibility for each of these areas varies. Just check which of the two you are eligible for. For each of these licenses, you first need to fill in the address for each site and then verify the eligibility given. The general line to distinguish between these two types of FSSAI license is based on turnover. If the product or restaurant, you want to register with FSSAI has an annual turnover of up to Rs 20 crore, then it is suggested that you obtain a state FSSAI license. However, if the mentioned turnover is greater than 20 crores, then the central FSSAI license is right for you. How To Get FSSAI Registration Certificate For Your Business.

Step Two: Apply online

In the far right of the webpage, you will see a tab that says, “Online Application.” Clicking on the tab will result in an ad or pledge. If you agree to the above undertaking, click “I agree.” Once I click, I agree, it will lead to the same series of yes-no questions that I encountered in the pre-selection. Answer them carefully and click to proceed. Once you do that, three options will come in front of you – central, state, and registration. Click on the one that you would like to obtain a license.

Step Three: Register as a member

When choosing the type of license you need to apply for, a login menu will appear. You will need to register as a new member if you do not have login credentials. While registering, it requires some basic details like name, company, address, contact details, etc. Agree to the terms of FLRS, enter captcha in the space below, and you are good to go!
1. After successful login, you should receive a confirmation by email and SMS
2. See. Also, this registration is only valid for up to 30 days. Therefore, within 30 days, you must complete the entire registration process. Another, you may have to redo the entire process again.

Step fourth: Sign-in and fill out the application

After obtaining your login credentials, log into the portal, and fill out the application form with all relevant details. Double-check details before clicking “Submit.” Also, print out the application form for future reference. Please make sure that each application form has a reference number; you may want to keep this as well.

Step Five: Final submission and required documents

Bring the publication out of the form to the FSSAI regional authority within 15 days of online registration. It will be considered and processed afterward. It requires you to provide some fees, different for state and central licensing. In addition to the application form, the commission requires you to provide the following documents as evidence:

1. Proof of identity and proof of address issued by the Government.
2. List of the Board of Directors and other business stakeholders with proof of their individual identity.
3. Valid email id and contact number
4. A documented food safety management plan
5. The bill of sale, the lease contract, or the electricity bill to prove possession on the relevant hypothesis.
6. 6- Non-governmental companies, from municipal companies or local authorities.
7. Kitchen planning plan, water test report (ISI approved)
8. 8- List of a food category, types of equipment to be used, etc.

Please ensure that the authority may require you to provide some other documents as well; it is up to the sitting authority to assess.

Finally, the FSSAI registration process takes place in five easy steps. First, an account is performed. Then, the type of registration selected based on the client. Thirdly, all documents are submitted, accompanied by the payment required. Finally, the fourteen-digit license number of the company is given to register with FSSAI!
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