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Posted August 10, 2018 by NaushadKhan

Translation Services in UAE made easy with ElaphTranslation. We provide error free translation services for every domain.

Dubai is known to have one of the busiest and most advanced legal systems in the world, which is essential for a city where tens of thousands of multinational companies and organizations as well as individuals operate.

The legal system while true to the deep-rooted values of the UAE, had to also be able to function in a way that provides a just arbitration and judicial platform to this multitude of nationalities taking into consideration the different legal backgrounds of the countries they are coming from.

Remaining true to the city’s identity, every legal document submitted to Dubai courts has to have a legally attested and certified Arabic translation. This created an ever-growing demand and market for legal translation in Dubai, with every single document, contract, marriage certificate, agreement, POAs.. etc.. requiring a legally certified translation if they haven’t originated in Arabic.

Legal and certified translations require very specialist knowledge; the wording of these types of document is very exact and can have no ambiguity.

It requires detailed and specific knowledge of the subtleties of the laws in both source and target languages, with thousands of documents going through Dubai courts and legal system every day the need for a well-qualified and certified legal translation agency is imperative, which is where Elaph Translation comes in, as the leading certified legal translation in Dubai and the UAE.

Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can have disastrous effects, wasting both time, money or even worse, causing you to lose a legal battle altogether,.

Experience is integral in translating legal documents. And we have over 10 years of experience in serving both corporate and individual clients in the legal fields, some of the biggest law firms in the UAE and the region chose Elaph Translation as their reliable legal translation partner, never settle for less than expert translators when it comes to translation of legal documents.

We stand out from the crowd when it comes to quality standards, with quality as our backbone. We are known to be the industry leaders in terms of the highest levels of quality control and standardization, Elaph Translation gained international certificates and accreditation from the most well-known and respected international organizations.

Elaph Translation is a certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO17100 and EN15038:2006 translation services provider in UAE and GCC, and was the first translation company in the GCC to gain those accreditations

Legal translation also encompasses sub specialties, including Banking and Finance, Commercial Disputes, Corporates, Employment, Engineering and Construction, Criminal Defense, Chemical Sectors, Information Technology (IT), Insurance, Litigation, Arbitration and International Trade. At Elaph Translation we have qualified legal translators that are well versed and experienced in all these areas.

But what is a legal translator? Other than the obvious function of translating legal documents, a legal translator is a professional who has been duly authorized by the government of the UAE to translate and notarize a document.

Any certified translation produced by a legal translator is an official document in its own right. The translation is certified with a stamped declaration which is written in the relevant language, as well as in English.

We place the strongest possible emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of recruitment and selection procedures. For us, it is not good enough for a candidate to speak a foreign language or two, to be a native speaker and to have academic credentials. All our translators must have extensive knowledge of both their source and target languages.

This knowledge must be supported by a very good understanding of the cultural and linguistic diversities that help to constitute a language.

In order to reduce the risk of any errors we require that our legal translators should be competent in at least three different areas:

Comparative law
We require that they have a basic knowledge of the legal systems of both the source and target languages.

Specific terminology
We require that they should be familiar with the specific terminology of the particular legal field(s) dealt with in the source and target text.

Legal writing style
We require that they should be competent in the specific legal writing style of the target language.

Our legal translators are selected not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our team guarantees accurate, well-written translations of legal, documents.

Elaph Translation translated millions of legal documents since its foundation, our experience is unparalleled and our diverse and sizable team, established operating procedures, QA measures and system allows us to accurately turn around voluminous legal documents in record times.
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