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Digital printing is the way forward, and so many printing companies have been waiting for the solution of sublimation technology. There is a lot of money to be made by taking print orders from new and existing customers on demand.

Every year, the demand for small orders for personalized and customized items is growing. This causes difficulties for those in the printing industry whose business centers, such as screen printing or embroidery, rely on analog technology.

This is not the case, however, for short races. It is very difficult to make a profit on account of the amount of time, equipment, and planning required to produce the production. As a result, many companies are turning away prospective orders and market prospects with future and current customers.

If it would provide a boost to your company in order to be able to do short-term and on-demand work, consider investigating dye sublimation. One such digital service decoration technology has revolutionized the printing and digital decoration industries by providing low entry costs, fast ROI, and cost-effective on-demand printing solutions.
Here's a look at what color sublimation is and how it could be the ideal option for your clients to provide on-demand printing services.
What's sublimation?
Sublimation is a digital decoration process that embodies high-definition, full-color images on surfaces of a wide range of items, also known as dye sublimation designs. These substrates can be made from polymers or polyester. They may also supply a polymer coating for the sublimation process.
The chemistry that follows behind the scenes of a simple three-step printing process is one of the things that makes sublimation special: production, printing, and printing.

Build: work with standard graphics software for desktops (Adobe products, CorelDraw) or with a sublimation-specific design package.
Printing: Use a sublimation kit (special printers, inks, and transfer paper intended for use in the sublimation process) to print your artwork. Sublimation inks are made of dye solids suspended in the carrier solution. Only print heads can handle high-viscosity fluid that passes through the transfer paper and produce high-definition sublimation images in the sublimation printer.
Click: mount the transmission to the substrate and position it in a heat press. High press temperature and pressure can allow the sublimation process to take place, embedding the dye from the paper to the surface of the substrate. Compared to other types of transition, only paint is left behind.
During the sublimation process, the dye solids in the transfer paper turn into gases, while the polymers open up to the substrate. The friction of the press pushes the polymers into the gases. When cooled, the polymers close, and the gasses turn back into solids, encased within the surface of the substrate. This is how the permanent color that does not chip or wash away with high definition is provided by sublimation. Your designs are part of the brand itself, expressing lovely color and clarity.

Response to printing on request

There are many reasons why sublimation helps companies to provide profitable services to printing on demand. The primary is the flexibility and peace of the above-explained three-step approach. The artwork is digitally generated and printed. Color separation, screen burning, or other manual setup is not needed, which can take a lot of time out of profit-making. There is also no visible downtime during preparation for printing, such as custom garments, painted clothing, signage, and promotional product development. With sublimation, you can easily customize models for common products, add names or images, and make custom orders for on-site orders.
Sublimation is remarkably efficient in terms of its actual performance. In certain cases, printing speeds are less than a minute and most substrates are pressed in less than two minutes. And because printing is faster than pressing, before the previous pressing cycle is complete, you will already have the next transfer ready, which will lead to a good production method that maximizes output.

How does the profitability impact that, you're going to ask? Your uptime is converted directly into profit margins during growth. The more time you spend preparing for printing, the more expensive the processes will be for you. Since the sublimation printing and printing process takes just a few minutes per object, you can generate more per hour and easily obtain last-minute and single product orders. The set-up and production cycle are the same, whether you generate one or 1,000. Being able to accept all types of orders at the same time increases the value and profit of sales.

Investments and consequences
Sublimation is one of the cheapest printing methods on the market because it consists of a computer (which you are likely to have), a sublimation printer, an ink, a transfer paper, and a heat press. Schemes at the entry-level range from 550 to 1300 pounds.

The heat press will be your biggest expense. The best output will be provided by a high-quality heat press, which is estimated to cost between £550 and £1,100. In all, to begin to sublimate, your total expenditure should be in the region of £ 550 (without a heater). Sublimation is a very economical alternative to other methods, such as laser engraving or direct-to-cloth printing.

Given this low start-up cost, cash flow is also much faster. Often, while costs are the same or even lower than the other printing processes that you are already using, the premium rates are subject to the quality of sublimation printing. By selling your products for what the consumer can finance, you increase your profit efficiency on restricted orders.
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