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Posted December 14, 2020 by mtouch123

If you have an iPhone X or newer that uses Face ID, press the side button and volume-up button at the same time to capture a screenshot.

Backup and Restore the lost Iphone messages

Do you have an iPhone, then it is easy to get the Backup iPhone text messages of your iPhone on your PC? Download the SMS Backup iPhone software today. If there is a situation, where you need evidence to prove in the form of messages or SMS, iPhone SMS Backup is your one stop solution to export iPhone text messages from iPhone to pdf for legal purposes. Your iPhone stores a copy of all your messages and iMessage text SMS in a database. But, if you ever want to view those all messages on your iPhone, it's not so easy. You can use iPhone SMS backup software to backup iPhone text messages in text format, CSV format, or JSON, and then view them in the data viewer of your choice. Plus, iPhone SMS backup software cleans up and makes you transform your data, messages, texts in order to make your text messages easier to read.

With backup iphone text messages feature, users can safely and quickly copy and export iPhone text messages or the SMS with a certain contact onto your computer database where our software can let you view or print out your iPhone text messages directly. After the backup iPhone text messages onto the local database on the computer, you can restore them onto any iPhone. So even if your iphone was ever lost, damaged, or stolen, your SMS are still safe and you can export iphone text messages easily.
The latest Updates:
Supports latest 13 and iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max/iPhone SE 2020.

Backup iPhone SMS to computer
Restore SMS to iPhone from PC
Export the iPhone SMS to document files such as text, CSV, doc, pdf or HTML format
Import SMS to iPhone from iTunes Backup
Print out iPhone SMS messages in conversations
iMessage supported also

iCloud backups
With a Wi-Fi network connection, you can make a backup of your device using iCloud. You don’t need to plug your device into a computer or even be at home to back up with iCloud.
iCloud backups include nearly all data and settings stored on your device. iCloud backups don't include:
Data that's already stored in iCloud, like Contacts, Calendars, Notes, iCloud Photos, iMessages, Voice Memos, text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages, and Health data
Data stored in other cloud services, like Gmail and Exchange mail
Apple Mail data
Apple Pay information and settings
Face ID or Touch ID settings
iCloud Music Library and App Store content (If it's still available in the iTunes, App, or Apple Books store, you can tap to re-download your already purchased content.)
Learn how to make an iCloud backup or how to manage iCloud storage and delete backups that you no longer need.
Backups from your computer
A computer backup of your device, which is not the same as a sync, includes almost all of your device's data and settings. A backup from a computer doesn't include:
Content from the iTunes and App Stores, or PDFs downloaded directly to Apple Books
Content synced from Finder or iTunes, like imported MP3s or CDs, videos, books, and photos
Data already stored in iCloud, like iCloud Photos, iMessages, and text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages
Face ID or Touch ID settings
Apple Pay information and settings
Apple Mail data
Activity, Health, and Keychain data (to back up this content, you'll need to use Encrypted Backup in iTunes.)
Learn how to make backups from your computer, how to find them on your Mac or PC, and how to delete backups that you no longer need.

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