Natural Ways To Treat Menstrual Problems And Get Relief From Period Pain

Posted November 7, 2016 by michaeljayden

MCBC capsules provide natural ways to treat menstrual problems and get relief from period pain and improve health of reproductive system.

At least 40 percent women get PMS symptoms severe enough to disrupt their everyday work as there are more than 150 different documented symptoms which develop in these five to seven days and disappear when the blood flow starts. It includes depression, shoulder pain, anger, inability to focus etc., and severity of symptoms changes as the cycle progresses. A number of women are relieved of symptoms when the flow start but these types of painful symptoms may worsen with age. Sometimes, without any treatment the problem of depression persists even after the flow. Fibroids, imbalance of endocrine flow, thyroid conditions, use of certain birth control pills, displaced uterus tissues, dysfunctional uterine are some conditions causing heavy monthly flow leading to more than 7 days of flow. Women experience outflow in heavy clots, pain in the lower abdomen, fatigue, tiredness, shortness of breath etc. Swimming is one of the best ways to get relief from period pain.

Other risk - free natural ways to treat menstrual problems are provided by herbs that get rid of inflammation, pain and helps in clotting blood to prevent excess outflow. MCBC capsules provide natural ways to treat menstrual problems as these contain extracts of Clitoria ternatea, Jatamansi, Bacopa monnieri, Aloe Vera etc.

Clitoria ternatea can provide neurological benefits to get relief from period pain. It is anti-pyretic which can inhibit glucose uptake from diet. It can regulate the problem of stress eating in women and improve neurotransmission. It has strong anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects on body. It can enhance focus and memory. Oral administration of the herb is able to enhance memory in laboratory animals. Studies on the herb show it can increase acetylcholine localized to the brain area hippocampus, seen when 100 mg per kg of the herb was taken by laboratory rats. In Ayurveda, the leaves, roots and stems are used to promote intellect and tone the body. It was, traditionally, suggested for reducing burning sensation in body. It can restrict allergic reactions and symptoms such as fever. Still a number of properties of the plant are unknown, although, natural ways to treat menstrual problems find it as powerful as Bacopa monnieri helps in improving cognition and reducing anxiety.

The intake of Bacopa relaxes the mind. It interacts with dopamine and serotonergics systems but the main function is to enhance neuron communication. The regular intake of the herb helps in growth of nerve endings called dendrites. This herb can reduce neural inflammation that happens with aging, thus showing anti-aging properties. If taken in large doses it control oxidation and inhibits lipoxygenase activity where the amount of 100 mcg of the herb is equally powerful as 58 mcg of individual vitamin E. It increases cerebral blood flow and can regulate blood pressure - decrease blood pressure caused by the process of vasodilatation by phyto chemicals Bacopaside II and Bacoside A3. These chemicals increase the flow of nitric oxide from endothelium to cause vasodilatation and its properties help to reduce the sensation of pain. Bacopa and Aloe Vera together in right ratio in MCBC capsules are effective in regulating thyroid flow.
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