Natural Male Energy Supplements To Boost Stamina And Immunity

Posted November 28, 2016 by michaeljayden

Vital M-40 capsules are the best natural male energy supplements to boost stamina and immunity without any kind of side effects.

These days the cases of low immunity and allergies to a range of foods, everyday chemicals, cosmetics and environmental hazards are increasing. People, unsuspectingly, take certain health supplements that weakens their immune system. E.g. A multi vitamin tablet can impede the body's immunity functions in the same way as a high fat breakfast, high sugar diet, high soda drink, food preservatives and pesticides. There are other causes for low immunity - sleeplessness and stress. There are certain foods which can cause allergies, and these are used to keep a person awake for long such as coffee, colas, tea, chocolate etc. One of the chemicals found as fat substitute in potato chips - olestra - which was previously believed to be healthy fat substantiate, was found to be unhealthy compound, which binds the vitamins and minerals of foods, necessary for a healthy immunity.

Olestra binds vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin K and carotenoids in foods. There are certain easy ways to boost stamina and immunity and some herbal cures offer better ways to enhance immunity, avoid allergic reactions to everyday exposures and protect the body from trigger factors (e.g. stress, endocrine imbalance, sleeplessness etc.) of allergic reactions.

Withania Somnifera is one of the most powerful natural male energy supplements, used to enhance stamina in humans but there are various other uses of the herb which works as immune stimulant and can treat stress, fatigue, cardio vascular conditions and even diabetes. It is used as immune stimulant, particularly effective in curing stress related immunity suppression problem. Study on laboratory rats found those exposed to five hours of swimming after giving the extract of the herb had a reduced levels of cortisol, while rats who were not given the herb Withania Somnifera and were given vitamin C - had a reduced level of vitamin C after the test.

Natural male energy supplements Vital M-40 capsules contain Withania - the herb rich in antioxidants, vitamins and immunity enhancing bio compounds. It is immune stimulant and when tested in laboratory, the herb was able to augment the LPS induced spleen cell proliferation by six times and the T-cell lymphocyte response increased when the subjects were given isolated Withanolide A (the bio compound extracted from the herb). The study found the herb was able to enhance the stimulatory effects of mitogens on the splenic cell proliferation, which was due to the herbal bio compound Withanolide A and this could boost stamina and immunity.

Natural male energy supplements Vital M-40 capsules show anti-inflammatory effect, to counter pain caused by allergic reactions, e.g. joint pain in arthritis. The compound Withanolide A and Withaferin A - have the properties to reduce corticosteroid induced suppression of immunity caused by the suppression of Th1 cell activity (due to stress). The study showed it was able to help people who suffered from a low immunity due to stress, by reducing the impact of stress on immunity to boost stamina and immunity. Study show various other immune related parameters such as IgM, macrophages, T cells, B cells, neutrophil count and others were restored by the use of the herb which approved of its stamina and immune supportive activities.
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