Herbal Libido Booster Supplements To Slow Down Aging Process In Males

Posted December 17, 2016 by michaeljayden

Musli Strong and Shilajit ES capsules are the best herbal libido booster supplements to slow down aging process in males naturally.

Age-related changes in the functioning of reproductive organs can affect libido. A younger man gets quick erection and feels high stimulation in minutes, on the other hand, an older body requires more time for direct stimulation. The stimulation reduces and response to arousal is slow. Sometimes, libido can be normal even at a higher age but the process of aging causes decline in testosterone levels which can interfere with general conjugal activities in adults. This can affect the erectile functions as aging decreases the elasticity of tissues connected to the reproductive organs, and this causes decrease in the blood circulation to the male organ. Trying to be perfect, high expectations or fault finding nature can raise psychological issues with the activity. Active healthy lifestyle, regular exercising, a regulated diet and positive attitude can help to slow down aging process and can prevent such effects.

By 2025, one in five American will be 65 year or older, and in UK, it is estimated that by 2033, 23 percent of the population will be more than 65, while, the process of aging will affect these people deeply in the physical and personal area which can be full of difficulties and embarrassments. People can control the impact of aging process (i.e. biological age) and feel the same stimulation and energy by taking the herbal libido booster supplements.

Herbal libido booster supplements Musli Strong capsules and Shilajit ES capsules provide most effective bio-components to slow down aging process. White Musli or Safed Musli has been tested positive in laboratory for being a testosterone booster. It was given to laboratory rats for 30 days where the regular dose of 200 mg per kg of the herb was able to increase the prostatic weight associated with androgenic signaling and the potency was equivalent to the dose of 0.5 mg per kg of testosterone shots (biweekly). The intake of the herb was effective for erectile functions as it contains the protein - Rho-Kinase II (ROCK II) which causes contraction of muscles of the corpus cavernous on stimulation and its inhibition helps in erection.

Synthetic medicines was also used to get the same effect and it was observed that the use of herb had various other positive effects as it was mechanically effective in improving the nitric oxide flow to the organ for enhanced erection. It was traditionally used to improve sperm count and fertility in men. Research finds the dependency on NSAID raises the risk of ED in men by 38 percent and this data is adjusted depending on age, alcohol dependency and smoking behavior as well. Alternatively, the intake of the herbs can cure the problem of varicose veins and treat the dullness of body caused by broken or dead capillaries. It can break down the cellulite to enhance elasticity of the tissues.

Regular intake of both herbal libido booster supplements - Musli Strong capsules and Shilajit ES capsules reduces the feeling of dullness, low motivation and tiredness. These herbs and natural extracts are effective in reducing various negative stimuli found in aging brain to slow down aging process, and helps in improving emotional and cognitive state to enhance functional state.
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