Slitter Rewinder, a multipurpose machine

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The process of cutting larger rolls of materials into narrower rolls is called Roll Slitting.

It is basically of two types: log slitting and rewind slitting. The former one is simple, which includes only slicing of the material into one or more pieces without unrolling and here the entire lot is considered as a single unit. The latter process lengthy one because the entire lot of material is unwound, passed through knives for cutting and then rewinded into thinner logs. The machine used for this purpose is known as slitter rewinder which is an acronym for slitting machine or slitter. They are mainly of three types: Paper slitter rewinder, Plastic Film slitter rewinder and Paper Sheeters.
It is mainly used to convert wider rolls of films, foils and papers into thinner ones. The process starts with unwinding of the master roll which is then slitted into variable widths and terminates when this slitted material in rewound into cores of different width and thickness as per desired purpose. If the cut sheets are reeled into more than one narrow shafts of material, it may also be referred as mults (an abbreviation for multiple) and if the width of the roll is lesser than the diameter, they are termed as pancakes. Narrow and thin pancakes are very unstable so, wide reels wound around bobbins are used in such cases to give support and rewind the material to fit long lengths of coils inside one bobbin.
Some basic features of rewind slitting machines are its high speed, coreless and central slitter rewinder, and it can be either semi or fully automated. The design of the machine can be customized as per the requirement and is mainly used in packaging and printing industries. Those having rolls of smaller diameter can be used for ATM centers, cash registers, lottery registers while those with larger diameter can be used for laminating, plotting, masking, making tiny window rolls. Other uses are landscaping, making of materials for vinyl billboards, red rosin, box tape, construction materials, papers, and other commodities that we generally use in our in daily lives.
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