How To Maintain Your Temperature Controller?

Posted May 6, 2021 by melriya

We often see temperature controllers on production sites, sticking out of production vessels. It is important to identify the problems when your controller is not working properly.

Look for dirty supply gas

Temperature controllers vent intermittently, so if you notice a hissing noise coming from it, there can be a problem. You need to check where the supply gas is coming from and ensure it runs from a dry and high spot. If there is any trash or liquid in your supply gas, they may stuff up the pilot plug.

Replacing spring and elastomers

If the supply gas is clean, it is time to check if there are any internal issues with the temperature controller. Over time, it may have gone through a compromised diaphragm, damaged o-ring, or weakened pilot spring. At this phase, you can ask the manufacturer for a repair kit for replacing the appropriate parts.

Using separable sockets

If you want to remove your temperature controller, you may use a separable socket, also known as a thermowell. The high-temperature grease in the socket transfers the heat to the controller probe. The socket will help you remove the controller so that you can repair and reinsert, but don't lose vessel pressure.

Checking for a bent probe

If you experience temperature swings, there may be a bent in the probe. Temperature controller probes are quite sensitive. If the external tube gets bent and comes into contact with an internal bi-metal, it can cause erratic temperature changes. Before installation, ensure to manage your temperature controller carefully and avoid holding it by the probe. You can't repair a bent probe, and the only solution you have is a replacement.

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