Air Conditioning in Kelowna Provides you with the Ideal Temperatures

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Air conditioning Kelowna experts will tell you that the higher efficiency units come with special features

The mere fact that the world is getting warmer and that Summer days are hotter than they were in the 1950s is reason enough to start preparing to keep yourself cool in the hot days that lie ahead. Hot sweaty brows, a red face, sweat stains and low energy levels can impair your performance during the day and there are physical hazards connected to working in an environment with high temperatures.

There are lots of things you can do to prepare your air con for the Summer but a professional will need to check the coolant level. Air conditioning Kelowna experts are being inundated with queries on the different size air conditioning units for the upcoming Summer and from people who want their air cons serviced. In Kelowna the hottest months are from June to September and air conditioning in the valley becomes a must have item to keep homes and offices cool and comfortable. Areas with the highest humidity in Kelowna are those parts along the lake-shore.

Get Your Air Conditioner Checked Out
Without servicing your air con, you may find Summer unbearably hot and worse is having an air conditioner that doesn’t work. A reputable air conditioning company will check your air conditioner for a dirty air filter because this can cause your air con to have to work harder, resulting in higher electricity bills. A clogged condensate drain line will mean your air con can’t remove humidity from the air.

Be Comfortable All Year Round
Don’t wait for the Spring to suddenly give way to hot days and you are not prepared. Air conditioning retailers and wholesalers offer a range of energy-efficient and reliable air conditioning units and services in and around Kelowna. During the hot summer months these air conditioners can make a wonderful difference, and you can buy a unit that heats and cools, providing comfort for every day of the year.Air conditioning Kelowna specialists know their customers expect air conditioners which are affordable, efficient and easy to repair and maintain. They offer a variety of air conditioners with different warranties which vary according to the manufacturer, with some manufacturers offering a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Bring Your Air Con Down to Size
When looking for an air conditioner, you need to consider the area you want cooled; your entire home or office or just one room? Portable air conditioning units are an excellent choice if you just want to cool one room as they can be moved from one room to the next. Other kinds of air conditioners are ductless mini split systems, window units, geothermal and evaporative coolers among others.

Energy Efficiency is a Regulation
Air conditioning Kelowna experts will tell you that the higher efficiency units come with special features like the compressor’s motors running on direct current(DC) instead of the regular alternating current(AC). This means the air conditioning unit matches the exact cooling requirements of the home and saves energy. In Canada, air conditioners are covered under Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations of 1995. These regulations are designed to assist Canadians with saving money as well as to protect the environment. All air cons in Canada must meet minimum efficiency standards which also specify the minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) for your central air-conditioning unit.
Surviving the Summer

Temperatures are rising and its time to either service your air conditioner or to upgrade it. Air conditioning Kelowna professionals are waiting by to ensure your air con is properly installed, properly repaired or maintained to ensure you can face the coming hot days without dread.

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