90% Of The Digital Currencies Are Toxic. How Do We Choose?

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In 2018, just after New Year's Day, blockchain and digital currency suddenly became a big hit, almost all the media covering the relevant articles and links.

In 2018, just after New Year's Day, blockchain and digital currency suddenly became a big hit, almost all the media covering the relevant articles and links. But many people do not know that not all digital money is encrypted, digital money itself is divided into encryption and non-encryption.

Encrypted digital money is not issued by the legal currency agencies, so it is not under the control of the central bank. It runs a set of equations based on open source code from computers around the world. It is generated through many CPUs and GPUs on the computer and is designed using cryptography to ensure the safety of all aspects of currency circulation. Cryptography-based design allows cryptocurrencies to be transferred or paid only by the real owners

The non-encrypted digital currency can be issued by the company or private without limitation and obtained without requiring the computer's graphics card CPU to solve equation. Because it can be issued indefinitely according to market demand, it does not have the value of collection and appreciation.

I. The strong potential for the future of cryptographic digital money

In September 2017, Lagarde, president of the International Monetary Fund, observed at the meeting of the Bank of England that encrypted digital currencies is not written in water, but a genuine monetary innovation. Now, the wide spread of encrypted currency is only a technical obstacle, and this obstacle will eventually be overcome with the development of technology. Encrypted digital currencies will have far-reaching implications for the future of financial intermediaries and central banks.

The traditional legal tender boasts three main functions: storage, loans and settlement. The cryptocurrency will cover all the three functions perfectly, and will avoid various defects of the traditional currency. This is the greatest strength of the currency to almost refrain from false and inflation. So, we can imagine that encrypted digital currency will gradually replace the traditional one and is bound to solve a trillion-dollar problem.

Cryptocurrencies have evolved over the years since the birth of Bitcoin and have been widely recognized worldwide. However, due to its legitimacy has been recognized by some countries led by the Germany until 2013,In addition, digital money has not been widely used in physical transactions. The development of encrypted digital money is still in its early stage.

Will 2018 be a milestone in the development of cryptocurrencies?

In July last year, the people's Bank of China formally established the Digital Monetary Research Institute and took a series of actions. That means the issuance of digital currency by the people's Bank of China issued digital money is inevitable, which will be followed by the Internet three giants BAT. For today's world economy, it would not be an exaggeration to say that China’s move will have far-reaching implications to the global economy. As the world's largest consumption and investment market, the inclusion of the Chinese government and the three Internet giants, which affect every detail of Chinese life, will certainly promote the rapid development of the global encrypted digital currency.

II. 90% of the digital currencies are toxic

We are excited, but we need to calmly think that if the indiscriminate entry into the encrypted digital money market ahead of time can provide us a sudden rise in social status?

The harsh reality is that 90% of the digital currency is toxic!

Do you still remember the ICO on the Chinese market this year? ICO, a special form of a blockchain venture capital projects, is supported by funds. Although the original intention is good, the unregulated state gives it an opportunity to challenge the greedy nature of human, which, once opened and exploited, has evolved into speculation, speculation, and fraud and there will be "Ponzi schemes".

For example, for the most influential ICO fraud in 2017, Li Xiaolai, who claimed to be the richest man in Bitcoin in China, has reached 185 million dollars in just 5 days after the EOS White Paper was launched in late June. On July 2, the overall market value of EOS reached nearly $ 5 billion, two days later, however, the price of EOS began to decline for several days in a row. By August 29, the token price of EOS is around 9 yuan, less than one fourth of the highest price of 36.58.

And compared with " 5 billion U.S. dollars of air," the next release of Li Xiaolai, is more difficult to understand. The project is not equipped with a white paper, the official website provides only a few hundred words of the introduction, even gives the reply that " we won’t provide white paper as even we have, few, if any, can understand and even read the white paper. " Xue Manzi, who posted their pictures taken together on microblog, said flagrantly "90% of the ICO now is unreliable. It is now like a new era of crowdfunding, as long as there are celebrities, people will buy it.”

Finally, the madness of ICO forced the government to roll out strict policies. On September 4th 2017, the central bank and other 7 ministries and commissions jointly issued “Notice on preventing financing risk of the issuance of token" (the "Announcement") pointed out that the financing of token issued is essentially an act of publicly illegal financing without approval. Domestic activities such as financing by means of issuing tokens in the form of initial coin offering (ICO) are springing up, speculation prevailed ,and some people were suspected of engaging in illegal financial activities and seriously disturbing the economic and financial order. As soon as this announcement comes out, the exponential growth of ICO began to pall.

III. How should we deal with it?

So, you might ask, as an ordinary investor, how do we distinguish between true and false?

In fact, digital money, or more specifically, encrypted digital money, is not without supervision. It is just that most investors do not understand and do not really care about the regulatory bodies of encrypt digital money. Globally, the Financial Services Authority (FCA) and the United States Financial Services Authority (FINRA) provide the most authoritative certification for cryptocurrencies at the same time, the constant total amount and decentralization since its inception has been one of its two major characteristics. The understanding of the above two has a decisive significance for us to choose the real encrypted digital currency.

So, is there a chance for new investors to win huge profits like people entering bitcoins in those years?

The answer is sure. As we have mentioned before, encrypted digital currency is still in its early stages, so what matters to the new investors is to choose the right investment target. Here is a special introduction to Lioncoin, one of the cryptocurrencies that meet the above standards.

The blockchain industry has been growled and evolved to the present from "Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system “, the first paper published by Nakamoto in 2008.Where the industry is today being attributed by a pool of people with big dream and pure faith. These people did not just rest on their past successes. In fact, they are still working day and night in the hope of developing a new generation of encrypted digital currency, which can be applied directly in the physical transaction.

Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of the core members of the research and development teams such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as well as professors and experts from a number of universities. The strong technical strength of the team is recognized by the industry. They committed to create a truly usable digital currency with circulating value and investment value, and the Lioncoin,the sixth-generation digital currency was developed after 3 years in the United States. Lioncoin is not only a typical decentralized and encrypted digital money, and will be the first real digital currency to be available from the date of issue. Most importantly, Lion Chain has obtained a dual digital encryption license from FCA and FINRA.

According to overseas authoritative trading platform, Lioncoin(LNC) will be officially launched on February 2018 for the global market. The year of 2018 may mark a new milestone for investors of encrypted digital currency.

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