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The maintenance of the water purifier is a problem that many agents cannot escape. There are several good water purifier repair tools.

The maintenance of the water purifier is a problem that many agents cannot escape. However, when most novices carry out maintenance, they will always find that a certain water purifier fitting is not belted, which leads to repeated tossing back and forth during the testing process, making the maintenance process of the water purifier complicated. Next are good partners for water purifier repair. They are 2 parts quick connect ball valve, TDS test pen, citric acid.
1. When repairing the reverse osmosis pure water machine, the 2 parts quick-connect ball valve plays a very important role.
First of all, you can control the influent water. Secondly, the common problem in the maintenance of pure water machine is that the sewage does not stop. When you have a 2-point inlet ball valve in your kit, you can connect the 2-point ball valve to the water outlet of the high-pressure switch. The water source of the water outlet makes the high-pressure switch feel "water full". If it stops at this time, it can prove that there is a problem with the high-voltage switch. If the machine is still started at this time, it is a problem of the check valve.
2. TDS test pen is specially designed for the maintenance of pure water machine. The main function is to solve customer problems in a targeted manner. Contact with pure water machine maintenance often comes into contact with customers to reflect the taste problem, no matter how the customer describes the problem, as long as the mouthfeel is poor, then the TDS value test is first carried out.
As long as the TDS value is more than five times the difference in the installation of the new machine, it is easy to judge the problem of the film. In this process, the test steps can be reduced, and the water purifier repair can be quickly locked. At the same time, the TDS pen test can also be used by consumers in daily maintenance, which has certain benefits for the introduction of pure water machine.
3. Customers who have installed ultrafiltration water purifiers know that this kind of equipment often encounters the trouble of moss when it comes to the problem of drinking water. Many times, the thing to do is to constantly clean the water storage accessories, but the cleaning effect is very unsatisfactory. At this time, if the body carries citric acid, it can be handed over to the customer for cleaning. The cleaning method is very simple. Generally, the water dispenser or small connection can be placed in 50g under the condition of water storage, and then let the customer release it after 24 hours. Water, washed repeatedly three times, then basically solve these trivial troubles.
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