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Posted August 7, 2018 by mayank

Smoking is bad for health,so more and more people trend to use vaporizers.A vaporizer is also a good choice as a gift for families and friends.

Vaporizers are as varied as personal preferences are. No vaporizer will have all the pros and dodge all the cons. Instead of looking for the ultimate answer, it's better to know the right questions to ask when purchasing a portable vaporizer.

I know we just said your priorities may vary, but this really should be number one on
anyone's checklist. You're investing in a vaporizer to produce vapor. If it can't do that effectively, then what's the point? The more vapor, the greater the effect. So watch reviews and videos, read comments, and find out from fellow message board members which portable vaporizers actually produce decent amounts of vapor. But do be sure to learn about how to get more vapor from portable vaporizers and Yocan dry herb pens.

One crucial point to make is that smoke is not vapor. Many Yocan vaporizers have exposed vape coils which actually produce combustion when you place your dry herbs on them. This is totally fine if you're just looking for a convenient, lighter-free solution to smoking on-the-go. It's also fine if you use glass screen filters to prevent direct contact with the vape coil (which allows for vaporization through conduction). However, many people have come to think that the smoke produced from vape pens is vapor--leading to a false impression of how thick and foggy vapor is (or isn't). So please, don't get confused. Vapor is visible, but it is lighter and dissipates more quickly than smoke.

The Yocan Evolve-D Plus XL features four powerful quartz coils, setting this wax pen apart from the crowd. Get dab-like rips with the convenience of a vape pen from this monster pen. While you might be worried that all this power means you’ll be sacrificing battery life, you’d be dead wrong. The Yocan team stepped it up and threw in a massive 1400 mAh battery. That’s more than double the capacity of the standard Evolve pen. This means you get the added benefits of massive rips comparable to those from a dab rig with the battery capacity to vape all day.

If that wasn’t enough, this powerful atomizer includes a smart coil top that creates a strong seal, preventing hot wax from leaking. You should still keep the Evolve Plus XL vape upright when it’s full of hot, melted wax, but sometimes we forget after taking a huge dab. The smart coil top will keep that melted wax sealed in the atomizer. Not only does this avoid an annoying clean up, but it will save you wax. Get the right Yocan products on that is a leading provider of the quality products for all types of herb pens and vaporizers.

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