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Posted May 21, 2020 by MarkWatson

Call center agents and businesses having dedicated customer support teams manage a lot of calls on a daily basis, such as market surveys and research, following up inbound leads, lead generation, and more.

Call center agents and businesses having dedicated customer support teams manage a lot of calls on a daily basis, such as market surveys and research, following up inbound leads, lead generation, and more. Manual dialing is daunting and takes a lot of time, especially since some calls take several minutes. A dialer app is highly beneficial and has several features, helping to avoid manual dialing, answering machines, busy tones, disconnected calls, and more. An auto dialer software boosts productivity considerably and there are many reasons to start using one. Some CRM providers offer such solutions as well, having various features integrated, including transaction reporting.

Why Use a Dialer App?

There are different types of auto dialers on the market, depending on what providers have to offer. The business’s needs also matters, because each of them has something different in mind and need to focus on the right solutions. A predictive dialer helps call center agents reduce agent idle time, while a preview dialer improves conversion rate by focusing on the sales process. Each company needs to assess their requirements and find out which dialer app works best for them. Knowing the benefits of an auto dialer impacts the decision and encourages businesses to seek a provider in the field.

With an auto dialer, there is no manual dialing needed. This helps avoid call drops, long waiting time, misdialing, and more. Automating the process means that only connected calls will be routed to agents and they will focus on the actual call, not having to dial the next number to find someone at the end of the line. Not to mention that auto dialers detect voicemails, numbers that are no longer in service, busy signals. Agents will be more productive and efficient and have more time and energy to meet their targets. It is always worth investing in tools that simplify and enhance business processes.

What Is Transaction Reporting?

Companies that allow transactions online, managing payment from customers, use transaction reporting to obtain relevant information regarding important aspects. Obtaining detailing reports on transfer, withdrawal and payment made by and through financial institutions can tell a lot about current customers, their buying habits, what methods they use the most, and more. Taking into account that more and more people are buying online and they use online payment methods, it is important to understand their habits and finding the right merchants. Every company wants to make transactions faster, to have the money in their accounts and benefit from good rates.

Online payments are highly beneficial, for customers, but also for online businesses. Because they are mainly automatic, there is no need for manual labor, which means someone handling cash, checks and other manual payment methods. There is also low risk of theft, because everything is done electronically and a merchant redirects each transaction in the business’s account. Depending on the chosen one, the sum goes automatically in the account or it might take a couple of days. At any point, businesses know about each transaction and its status.

It is good to know there are so many amazing tools available online, providers strive to come up with solutions to simplify processes, but in the same time, help staff become more productive and efficient. The dialer app is such an example. Manual dialing is inefficient, because agents have to wait until the call is connected, they have to listen to busy tones and only afterwards to move on to the next call. An auto dialer recognizes all these issues and minimizes idle time, so that agents deal only with answered calls. Eventually, they will attend more calls per hours and save valuable time.

The dialer app offers a better lead conversion ratio and manages to obtain the best from the sales process. Take for example high value leads and how important they are to the business. The auto dialer has a preview panel that offers insight on the customer’s details before making the call. This way, agents can prepare better, and take good decisions, know what topics to adopt. The conversion can be personalized, not standard, engaging better with prospects and increasing the chance to convert leads. Agents can spend more time on the actual conversation and not worry about the idle time. This way, they engage better with customers and agents have a better morale, knowing they are good at what they do.

Reports and dashboards offer valuable insight to business owners, a way to take better decisions and develop strategies. The good news is that the dialer app offers them and managers are able to help agents take better decisions, by improving any difficulties and challenges in real time. Calls are also recorded, and managers can listen to them at any time, to monitor agents’ performance and make sure that they focus on quality calls. Without such tools, it is quite difficult to take advantage of such features and at the end of the day, businesses should invest in software applications that bring them positive outcome.

A payment service provider makes sure there is a safe and successful transfer of funds every time a payment is made. Besides facilitating payments, there are other benefits involved, such as transaction reporting and the possibility to accept multiple payment methods in different currencies. Clients use different payment options, depending on what suits their needs the most. Having a payment service provider that supports various payment methods is thus essential, to obtain customer satisfaction.

Companies should take advantage of transaction reporting, to have a better insight on customer behavior and the type of payments made regularly. Service provider offers certain reporting features, but the most enhanced ones, such as real-time, can be more expensive. It depends on your needs and how much you are willing to spend on such services.

The main idea is that payment service providers have all sorts of solutions and features available, coping with different challenges that companies encounter in their daily operations. Transaction reporting is one example that should be on the list when you start looking for a provider.
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