Scam adviser or art of defamation? All about Konzortia Capital’s hidden enemies´ dishonorable practices

Posted November 17, 2020 by marielcruz

Konzortia Capital was created following the vision of a better financial industry, a more inclusive economy and a more transparent model, taking fondly into account the main basis of a capitalist system.

Konzortia Capital was created following the vision of a better financial industry, a more inclusive economy and a more transparent model, taking fondly into account the main basis of a capitalist system. Due to the disruptive nature of this vision, it is making a lot of players in the market extremely uncomfortable. With this said, it’s difficult to fathom the fact that someone would go out of their way to harm someone else's credibility as part of their common business practices, more so, considering that there are companies that which businesses consist of doing just that.
In the same way many didn´t imagine video clubs like Blockbuster going out of business a few years back, and streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu taking over the market, nowadays many can´t picture a different financial industry than what they already know and take for granted. There seems to be two different positions among those who think like that: they either don´t understand Konzortia’s vision and deem it impossible, but still let the company be, or they think it’s not possible and feel the necessity to speak their mind.
The problem with the latter is not that they speak their minds, but the fact that they do not limit themselves to their personal opinions and go as far as to make false accusations, showing conjunctures as facts and damaging the company’s reputation. The one thing that all disbelievers have in common is their lack of vision, which makes it difficult for them to understand and embrace something new. The sad part about this is that, rather than opening themselves to understanding, seems like it’s easier for them to simply label it as a scam, a fraud, a ponzi scheme, and whatever else they can think of. If you bring into the equation some of the typical situations every business has to deal with, such as angry ex-employees, unhappy former business partners and everyone else in the middle, it starts to make sense why an honest company would have to deal with defamation coming from different and unexpected sources.
Nowadays, there´s a new threat that comes into play, so called scam adviser platforms for online reviews, which can make business shine just as easily as it can create a stain in its reputation. These platforms will allow anyone with an army of bots to take a company from 1 star to 100 or the other way around in mere seconds. This is a clear example of a business model that lacks any principles. It enables anyone harm or benefit a young company´s online credibility without being questioned about the validity of their reviews and scores. This might seem like a natural part of the reviewing process that companies have to face. Nevertheless, the fact that a platform without any of the business or financial knowledge required to evaluate a company’s model is bold enough to issue a score based on their personal unfounded opinions, leaves a lot to be desired. Far from being scam advisers, some of them are themselves a scam.
From Konzortia Capital´s early beginnings it has taken all types of attacks, from having its website attacked in an effort to wipe it out to seeing trolls running smear campaigns against the company. As dishonest as it may sound, this doesn't seem to be an uncommon practice these days in the business world. As mentioned by Forbes in a recent article “Sometimes evil competitors will try to destroy your good reputation, cause you direct financial loss or simply sabotage your business processes or tools”. Many of us are amazed at how some businesses have publicly stated such practices.
Similar cases have been shown in an article issued by INC. As stated in the article, a simple note can easily kill a venture. This is exemplified as the author claims: "I found a few credit card fraud forums, posted the person's business on them, and said, "hey this works, try it". These types of ill intended practices are sometimes taken to an unbelievable length, at which point they can affect not just the businesses but the people who are part of the. As an example, the author claims:
"I invited our competitor's cofounder to my facility and scared her off. Also hired a small sales team to poach their key accounts. Wasn't pretty but had to be done. The market wasn't big enough (yet) for the two of us, and they were getting too much traction. It worked and they folded. Sadly, I tried to do an aqui-hire but they overvalued themselves and that same sales team poached the rest of the accounts."
Fortunately, however, not everything is bad news. Just like some players see what Konzortia Capital, SBank, Capitalista and InvestHub are creating as a threat, others are able to share our vision and believe in the possibility of an entire overhaul for the financial industry. Those who share our vision and have taken a part in this process are what normal companies would simply call investors. In Konzortia Capital, however, we call them our family of visionaries.
Actions speak louder than words, that’s why, as a company, our commitment speaks for itself. Our internal and external policies abide entirely by the laws, and we have transparently developed all he required filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), complying witrh Exemption D, Rule 506-C. In this sense, we only deal with accredited investors who, as us, know what they’re doing and are fully aware when it comes to their investment opportunities.

Our current investors, those that are part of our visionary family, have all shown themselves satisfied with the way things are being handled. They have perfectly clear where their money goes, as well as how their returns are made. As a company, we can proudly say that we've got twice as many employees today as we had a few months ago, as we grow our team to achieve our goals. We are working to increase our investor base by 300% by the end of this year. And with SBank MVP being just a few months from its release, our partners and investors can rest assure that they’ll get to experience for themselves the quality of our products very soon.

There will always be room for doing good rather than doing harm, and innovation will always triumph over outdated visions and fear of disruption. We urge those who’ve attempted to hamper us, to dare and open their minds to new ideas, and if they can’t fathom them, to simply take the sidelines. If anyone wishes to take a positive and active role in creating the new financial world we envision, we invite them to become part of our family of visionaries and change the future of finances with us.
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