Capitalista’s “NAO” Index, a Global Market for Securities Attempts to Replace the Old Stock Market Model.

Posted July 11, 2019 by mariel_cruz

Capitalista, a company part of the Konzortia Capital fintech consortium, is in developing of the NAO Index (New Asset Offering Index)

– Toronto, Canada. –
Capitalista, a company part of the Konzortia Capital fintech consortium, is in developing of the NAO Index (New Asset Offering Index), a new form of stock-like liquid tradeable instruments expanding the investor´s reach beyond their currently localized markets. In junction with InveStart, any company in the world will be able to raise capital swiftly and after creating their proprietary NAC (New Asset Class) list it in Capitalista's NAO Index, now becoming a tradeable security that can also be easily liquidated. Leaving behind language barriers, international fee’s, or currency conversions, investors will acquire the equities they want, and move on to the next opportunity. All of this will be facilitated by InveStart’s start-ups, liquidity providers and Koura, Konzortia Capital’s proprietary type of equity, a new asset class.
InveStart, Konzortia Capital’s equity-based crowdfunding platform, provides the space for startups, with a built-in marketing tool, to present their projects and issue their own New Asset Class (NAC) that will be created using Koura as the base currency and that will allow other investors to "opt-in" in real time and essentially fund them, with no downtime between investments. This process of capital raising is called "NAO" and it’ll act as both a security and negotiable liquid instrument with intrinsic value, giving investors the possibility to access ground floor opportunities that were only available to accredited investors before but that didn´t come with a short-term exit strategy.
This innovative process will allow any company from anywhere in the world to raise capital, but with no jurisdiction requirements, and after their NAO is finalized, its NAC will be listed in Capitalista's NAO index. These assets from all companies that executed a successful NAO thru InveStart will be traded along with traditional instruments -virtually any existing liquid asset- and no different than any other but at almost no cost, without the typical fees found by investors when trading stocks or commodities. Trading accounts for investors will be kept using Koura as the base currency, and the platform will run using the security provided by blockchain technology. In addition, Capitalista will be available through a franchising/network marketing reward model in which members can offer all its services to the public, where the company will be betting on a scalable model to reach the desired market penetration and pull in not only accredited investors but small investors as well, and offer them top-quality services.
This will be the first brokerage and capital management firm to allow clients to own a franchise and offer all its differentiated services, also it’ll be the first network marketing company that uses blockchain technology and pays its users with Koura.
Konzortia Capital, through Capitalista, is poised to grow exponentially during their private capital raise. Giving investors the rare opportunity to participate in a highly profitable and liquid instrument of a cutting-edge disrupting fintech company.
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