Sore manhood Alert - Self-pleasuring Moves to Avoid

Posted August 2, 2014 by man1health

A guy may want to spend all day engaging in bouts of intense self-pleasuring, but the sore manhood that results is too painful. Avoiding these self-pleasuring mistakes is necessary to maintain the male organ in good health.

Men and self-pleasuring go together, despite the occasional sore manhood, and why not? Self-pleasuring is an activity that creates joyous sensations, keeps a guy's organ in better shape, releases tension and helps a man to know what feels good on his tool. Of course, sometimes a guy gets off in such a way that it impacts his male organ health, and that's not a good idea. So this article explores a few self-pleasuring mistakes that every guy wants to avoid.

Getting dry-jacked.
There's really nothing quite like the feeling of one's hand gliding up and down one's pole, caressing the head and squeezing the shaft as it goes. But in order to keep from causing harm to the tool, that hand needs to be well-lubricated. Attacking the male organ dry-handed is just asking for trouble; even if the male organ has leaked some pre-seminal fluid to help provide some lubrication, it's unlikely that this is enough to last for an entire self-pleasuring session. A man needs to make sure that he adds some form of lubrication; saliva is often enough, but it's usually better to go with a lotion of some sort.

Using the wrong lubricant.
Sometimes a guy chooses a lubricant that is not really appropriate for his needs. For example, some lotions include small bits of grit in them to exfoliate the skin; these can irritate the male organ. A lubricant with perfume in it may cause an allergic reaction, as can other chemicals. It's best to use a lubricant that is going to be suitably gentle.

Applying too much pressure.
A good, tight grip feels heavenly on the shaft. Some guys, though, go too far in this direction; if carried to an extreme, there's the risk of rupturing the corpora cavernosa, which play a crucial role in the reproductive process. This is something a dude definitely wants to avoid.

Pounding too long.
Some guys are champion edgers, playing with their tools for hours and hours on end before release. Others may spurt pretty quickly but can do so multiple times a day, enabling them to also experience marathon self-pleasuring sessions. There's nothing wrong with either of these activities, but those who engage in lengthy sessions needs to be especially careful of staying properly lubricated and of not allowing a sore manhood to move into a visibly damaged one. If the skin becomes broken or scarred, it's time for a guy to give it a rest – and to see if his poor tool needs a doctor's attention.

Shaking in the shower.
Lots of guys stroke themselves while taking a shower, but it's not the best idea for two reasons: (1) it usually means he is using soap or shampoo as his lubricant, both of which may contain chemicals that cause irritation, and (2) when the male organ is hard, it increases the chance that soap suds will enter the urethra, causing a burning sensation.

Nothing says a guy has to use his hands to stroke himself to pleasure; many instead prefer to use a towel or perhaps to lie face down on a bed or sofa and thrust into the furniture. The problem comes when the fabric of the towel or sofa is not of sufficient smoothness; moments after releasing, the guy is left with a sore manhood that needs some recovery time.

Even if he manages to avoid self-pleasuring mishaps, a guy is going to get a sore manhood at least occasionally. That's why he should always make use of a superior male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Regularly spreading on a nourishing cream that includes a high end emollient like shea butter gives the raw male organ the benefits of its skin softening and dermatological healing effects. It will be even better if that cream also contains acetyl L carnitine, especially if the man has been pounding away so much as to have lost some of the vital sensitivity that is native to the male organ. Acetyl L carnitine helps avoid peripheral nerve damage that comes from overaggressive use of the male tool.
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