Male Organ Size Disguise - Building a Bigger Pants Bulge

Posted December 5, 2014 by man1health

Men often feel judged where male organ size is concerned, and so may want to sport a pants bulge that implies a better-endowed package than is lying beneath in reality. Here are some fun ways to accomplish that.

It seems one can hardly turn around without some discussion of male organ size; whether the topic is the bulge in the front of a male celebrity's pants or whether a gargantuan member is a blessing or a curse, the length and girth of a guy's manhood is fodder for countless conversations. As all men hopefully know deep down inside, male organ health is ultimately more important than organ size in the vast majority of cases; nevertheless, many men keep wishing there was a way they could walk around in public and have others gasp at the bulge they are sporting in their trousers.

The truth, of course, is that genetics determine the size of one's equipment. But that doesn't mean a guy still can't indulge in a male organ size disguise in order to give the impression that he's packing a monster.

• Decide what is wanted. Before working on bulging out more, it behooves a man to settle on exactly what kind of impression he's after. For example, does the dude merely want a swollen bulge that implies simple abundance? Or is he more interested in an arrangement that specifically outlines the tool itself and leaves the sac out of it? If the latter, is he wanting to give the impression of a tool that's impressive though flaccid, or is he after giving the impression that his rod is firm and ready for action? Making this decision will affect how one approaches the bulge enhancement.

• Underwear can help. The kind of underwear employed can make a difference. In general, briefs or boxer briefs are better for stuffing, as the tightness of the clothes keeps any material used for stuffing in place; in addition, it's easier to "shape" the material when it's firmly in place.

Men should also consider using special male enhancement underwear, which is designed to better display a guy's own natural equipment (as well as any stuffing he may add). There are several different styles, but the basic approach is this: The underwear has an extended pouch in the front. A man slips his manhood and sac through a fairly small opening into the pouch; this pushes the sac forward and up a bit, which also pushes the manhood upward, causing the man to fill the pouch more adequately. Some underwear of this sort also comes with padding already sewn in.

• Padding. If the underwear comes with padding, so much the better; more often, a man chooses to provide the "stuffing" himself. This can be done in many ways. The basic and most famous is "stuffing a sock in it." Many other soft materials, from tissues and paper towels to felt rolls and rubber balls, can be used. When focusing on making the male organ by itself appear larger, many men use a manhood sheath or a manhood replica, both of which are especially beneficial when wanting to present a "firm and ready" look to the world. Basically, any object that is long and essentially cylindrical, such as a flashlight, can be used; however, a man should be aware that overly large objects may be cumbersome and may rub the real tool a bit raw.

Whether rubbed raw or not, using a male organ size disguise to create a mammoth bulge is a stopgap approach; when the actual equipment is revealed, a man needs to feel confident in the natural appearance of his manhood. If he regular employs a first-rate male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), he is much more likely to have the kind of healthy-looking member that invites admiration from partners. Applying a cream with Shea butter and vitamin E, two potent hydrators, helps rejuvenate the organ skin and avoid a dry, chafed tool. In addition, selecting a cream that contains vitamin A helps with a very common and off-putting issue: manhood odor. Vitamin A's anti-bacterial properties help attack the root of that problem. A cream like this is great for overall confidence and manhood health.
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