How to Identify Black Magic on a Person

Posted September 20, 2018 by MAMTAbhadu

You need to understand that energy is energy only; It is neither divine nor it is bad. You can do anything - a god or a devil - out of it It's like electricity.

In fact, five thousand years ago, DEstinyguru asked the same question to Krishna, "If you are saying that everything is the same energy and everything is divine, if it is the same god who is present in Duryodhana, then it is like that Why is it? " Miya laughed, because after all the teaching, DEstinyguru was still coming back on this simple, basic, hair-related question. Krishna replied, "God is nirguna, divine nirguna, he has no quality." This means that it is pure energy only. You can do anything from it. The tiger which comes to eat you, the same energy is also there, the one who can come and save you, the same energy is also there. They are just working in different ways. When you are driving your car, is it good or bad? It can make your life or your life can take any moment, right?

So what can people do black magic? Surely they can. If positive use is there, there are also negative uses. A Vedic, Atharva Veda is dedicated to the use of energy for both positive and negative. But what I have seen, most of the time these things are psychological. It may be a little bit different, but the mind of the rest is making you nuts. If I want to make you mad, then I do not have to do any real black magic. Tomorrow morning when you come out of your house, suppose there is a skull and some place in one place, once you see it, then it is! You will get sick, your business will get worse, everything will be negative because a certain fear catches you. No black magic has been done. Just a few symbols indicate that it seems that some kind of black magic will destroy your mind. So most of the time, it's just psychological. Even if black magic is done with you, then only ten percent can be the real thing. The rest is that you are destroying yourself. This is why it comes with symbolism. They understand the effect of your psychology. Once the symbolism is created, then you just destroy yourself.

But yes, there is a science where a person can negatively use his energy to harm someone else. What is safety? One thing is that, if you are on spiritual spiritual practice, then you do not have to worry about all these things. You do not have to think about those things too. Another way is that you can wear some protection, such as Rudraksh, which is like a protection against any type of negativity. But you do not have to worry about such things. Just keep your attention in life and keep moving forward. If you are in sadhana, then you are not upset; It will be taken care of.

If you are in such kind of influence, you can come and sit in the field of Dhyanalinga, because there are some dimensions of Dhyanalinga which eliminate all of these. If you are afraid that something like that has happened to you, then sit there for a day and go. It is taken care of. But it is better that you do not pay attention to those things because your brain does more "black magic" than anyone else.

There are Vanashree and Patanjali temples at the entrance of Dhyanalinga. They are in place of the angle of fifteen degrees from Dhyanalinga. That is why they are located at that point. Otherwise, in architecture, I would love to find them very closely. Generally, those who are near some souls or who are affected by secret and such problems, they are either asked to sit in fifteen degree angle or 15 degrees angle on the back of the type of problem is.

The place is specially designed in such a way that people can use it. Whether you know about it or not, there is negative use of energy like black magic and others. There is a door to the fifteenth degree angle. Whether you know it or not, everybody who enters only leaves the negative effect they are taking. There are thousands of people who have made such effects. This is the reason that people who have gone to Dhyanalinga find that suddenly life has changed for them. This is because negative effects on their lives have fallen.

When we say 'negative effect', then it is not necessary that there is something negative for someone. In so many ways, you could take some negativity. See, it is not necessary that someone should get a fruit poison and give it to you. There may be some natural poison in the fruit, which enters my body when I eat it. Similarly, the downside of life can be recorded in many ways. It is not necessary that someone is sitting there and conspiring against you. So for this purpose, for the first fifteen degree angle, Dhanalinga is built for the entrance, and before that people find something else, these things are taken care of. They only have to walk in that place, about sixty or seventy feet, and it takes care of these negatives on its own.
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